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How do I mix a song to compete with everything currently on the radio?

Meeting the sound demands of today's top hits can be tough. I have a proven way to meet those demands, so that songwriting can be of the utmost importance.

Why Is Being Trained in Human Behavior as A Coach Relevant to Helping A Student Get an A On A Paper?

Sometimes tutoring isn't enough. Sometimes the issues with the classwork are not the technical skills of the subject, but rather a lack of motivation skills.

What is the best DAW to use for home recording?

DAW stands for Digital Audio Workspace. Popular DAWs include Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Ableton.


Have you heard music in your favorite movie?

Choose a movie of your liking. Explain to me where you hear music throughout the movie. Choose a particular scene. How does this music make the scene you are referring to more important, more... more


is there a name in music when the melody changes the chord name or function?

I notice in some chords the melody actually starts on a note that is not in the chord itself. For example, a song in C major, the song might start on the C chord but the melody on the D (9th). Is... more
Songwriting Piano Composition


Piano Concertos: Why is Brahms 2 considered more mature than Rachmaninoff 3?

**I'm not completely satisfied with the answers so far, so more answers please! There's a nice bounty to be had!** These two titanic concertos are two of the most difficult often played concertos... more
Songwriting Composition Theory Modes


What exactly is the difference between C Ionian and D Dorian?

Both modes have the same notes. But why do they sound different. How to approach while composing a song in a particular mode as opposed to a key. Is it the harmony or the pivoting root? I read few... more


Parallel Fifth in a Symphony Orchestral?

when writing for an orchestra can we use parallel fifth (Power Chord)? for example in game of thrones symphony for some part of string or another song for brass section because it is so powerful... more
Songwriting Composition Theory


Does a cadence cover all "punctuation marks" in a musical phrase?

If we compare it to English, then a cadence acts like a period. But what about other punctuation marks like commas, exclamation marks, questions marks, etc. Are they also called cadences?
Songwriting Composition Performing


Ritardando, Rallentando, and Allargando?

Three common musical markings for gradual slowing down are ritardando, rallentando, and allargando. How do these differ from each other in interpretation and execution? For example, I was taught... more

What is the difference between harmony and consonance in music?

I am new to music theory and I was wondering what the difference is between harmony and consonance/dissonance. What are the reasons behind these terms and how can you apply it in practice if, for... more
Songwriting Piano Composition March


What makes a Turkish March a Turkish March?

I can only find 2 pieces called Turkish March. There is the 5th movement of The Ruins of Athens by Beethoven. Then there is the infamous Rondo Alla Turka by Mozart. And when I search Turkish March... more


Is there a simple way to transpose a song from one key to another? What is the methodology?

What is a simple way to accomplish transposing a song from one key to another key? In other words if I am looking at a song written in the key of C and can't sing it in that key and I want to... more


In a TTTTBBBB arrangement, what do you call each group of singers?

I can assume the BBBB can be divided into Baritone I & II and Bass 1 & II, but what about tenors (assuming they’re all tenors and not countertenors)? Is there another name or does it go... more
Songwriting Piano Composition Chords


Accompanying a RH melody (improv/comp)?

Are there any interesting rhythms/patterns for accompanying the melody (because I can play those by ear), such as breaking chords or etc. For doing piano covers of pop music, I am able to play the... more
Songwriting Composition Theory Chords


Is a chromatic mediant considered a modulation?

Say I go from a C major chord to an E major chord. I understand that this is a chromatic mediant. Does this change my key from C to E though? said differently, does non-functional harmony change... more
Songwriting Theory Pop Music


What are the methods used while writing pop music that make it so recognizably pop?

I used to think that it's the four chord structure. But in reality many genres have four chord songs (e.g. Rock and Country) and pop isn't always limited to four chords (e.g. 2U). I used to think... more


Why aren't songs with 11 beats 13 beats, common?

I wonder why haven't I heard songs that have 13 beats or 11 beats (or may be 17 beats or other complex number) per measure. Are there any songs like that and why don't people and music directors... more

Is writing important for electronic composition?

I am an electronic producer, and I was wondering if electronic music producers even write down their music on scores? Is that important enough to do for this category of music genres? Or should I... more


Layering multiple instruments?

I am very new to the song writing process. In a section like the chorus, how do you get the layering of many instrument to get that full and rich impression? For my first composition, I just had... more


What are some effective ways to use a key change during a song?

In my own songwriting, I might change keys to reinforce a change in the direction of the lyrics. For example if the first two verses are first person but the last verse is 3rd person, I might... more
Songwriting Composition


Musical cryptogram?

Shostakovich uses his monogram in his symphony no.10.... DSCH. This equates to the notes D Eflat C and Bnatural. The H I understand as Bach used B natural to spell his name, but how does S turn in... more


Audiation, Mental hearing, Composing/Reading scores without sound reference?

Many composers in the past (as well as the present) were known to do that. So, are there any ways in order to achieve this? Any exercises and so on?
Songwriting Composition


Expanding chord progression repertoire when composing?

I'm working on writing some sad sounding songs. Every time I'm jamming by myself on the guitar, I can play a few chords and sing or whistle what the leads could be. Leads come to me easily, and I... more

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