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Solution Inequality Function


College Algebra

Explain why the following function has no solution:[(x^2+2)]/[(x^2+1)]<0
Solution Math Calculus


Consider the region between the graph of f(x)=x−2 and the x-axis on [2,4]. For the line of rotation given below, use a definite integral to find the volume of the resulting solid.

Around the line x=7 The volume of the solid is___________? PLEASE show work!! STEP BY STEP!!!


Chemistry: Molarity

Calculate the molarity of each of the following solutions: (a) 293g HCl in 666mL of solution, a concentrated HCl solution(b) 2.0226 g FeCl3 in 0.1250L of a solution used as an unknown in general... more



The Ksp of Mg(OH)2 is 6 x 10^-12. How much 2x10^-4 M HCL (in mL) is needed to neutralize a 100 mL saturated solution of Mg(OH)2?
Solution Algebra 2


C(x)300x+2000 R(x)=400x


Making A Solution

Make a 50.0 ml of a solution that is 0.080 M sulfuric acid and also 0.20 M in KIO3. Calculate how many milliliters of 0.080 M sulfuric acid are needed to make 50.0 ml of 0.080 M sulfuric acid.... more


parallel to 5x-y=4 and passing through (-2,0)

Show me how to properly solve this problem step by step parallel to 5x-y=4 and passing through (-2,0)


What is the solubility? Tell deeply.

What is meant by solubility? Please gime a answer and an example.


2.63 divided by .305

solution and step by step
Solution Graphs Maths


n(A intersection B) =0. I want to ask what the n here means

and if we’re given with a statement of union or intersection with this n then how do we find the conditio? Thank you  
Solution Maths Shapes


XYZ is a 45⁰-45⁰-90⁰ triangle with longer side equal to 6/√2. What is the area of the triangle?

18, 18/√2, 36 or 9/2  


If osmotic pressure of 1M aqueous solution of H2SO4 at 500K is 90.2.calculate Ka2 for acid whereas Ka1is infinite

This is from solution chapter relating ionic equilibrium 


Looking for solution

Is (−1, −3) a solution of 2x − 2y = 4?
Solution Equation


Solutions of the equation

Find all solutions of the equation 2cos^2(t)-cos(t)-1=0 that lie in the interval [0,2pi) I found two solutions 2pi/3 and 4pi/3, but I'm having trouble finding a third. 


If X= cos+sin and underoot 1-c square 2 = NC=1. Then shows that 1+cos = c/2 n power (1+nx) (1+n/X)

De moviers theroem 
Solution Equation


adult tickets= $11 student tickets= $8 total tickets sold= 135 total tickets earned= $1,320 students ticket total= ? adult total= ?

adult tickets= $11   student tickets= $8   total tickets sold= 135             total tickets earned= $1,320     students ticket total= ?     adult total= ?


Aqueous solubility of CO2 is 24.8 ml of CO2 per liter at 273K and a CO2 partial pressure of 3.6 atm... find molarity

Aqueous solubility of CO2 is 24.8 ml of CO2 per liter at 273K and a CO2 partial pressure of 3.6 atm. What is the molarity of a saturated water solution when the CO2 is under its normal... more
Solution Ordered Pair


find the ordered pair solution of y=5/9x+5 corresponding to x=-9

please help me get this answer


find the ordered pair solution of y=5/7x-1 corresponding to x=7

please help me wit answer


Stain remover solution word problem

katy runs a dry cleaning business and needs 6% phosphoric acid solution to remove a stain from a suit. Katy has on hand 14% phosphoric acid solution and a 2% phosphoric acid solution. How many... more
Solution Algebra Equation


application problem

One container holds 10 L of a 25% alcohol solution. How much water should be added to dilute the solution to only 15%. I have to write an equation and solve
Solution Math Algebra


please help

The graph shows the lines 5x+4y=7 and x-3y=9. Based on the graph, estimate the solution of the system of equations:   5x+4y=7 x-3y=9
Solution Word Problem


word problem of finding solutions

keith robinson is a chemistry teacher who needs 1 liter of a solution of 5% hydrochloric acid to carry out an experiment. if he only has a stock solution of 99% hydrochloric acid how much water and... more


pls help me

Mr lim went to the bookstore and found that 5 similer files cost $3 more than 3 similar pens.He purchased 3 files and 6 pens for $17.40.What is the cost of each file?

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