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Physics: frequency, harmonic number

A pop bottle style instrument is played being open at one end closed at the other, if two successive frequencies, 350 Hz and 490 Hz, are produced, what is the fundamental frequency, and what... more


Physics: volume expansion, temperature (thermodynamics?)

Rivets can be cooled before they are put in place, thus when they reach equilibrium temperaturethey are more firmly fixed in place.   If the volume expansion of iron is 35.0 X 10-6 K-1 what... more


Physics: Entropy Change

If a 0.06247 kg ice cube initially at 0.00 C is allowed to melt in a Styrofoam cup holding 0.497 kg of water at 10.0 C , what is the total entropy change for this process?


Physics: Calorimetry

Calorimetrya. How much heat needs to be taken from 0.5 kg of ethyl alcohol as a gas at its boiling point of 78.0 C to a solid at its freezing point -114 C if the latent heat of vaporization is... more


Physics: what phase would I be in?

On a phase diagram there is a triple point, where solids liquids and gasses all exist at the same temperature and pressure. If I decrease the temperature but increase the pressure from this triple... more


A light ray entering a positive lens that becomes deflected through the focal point entered the lens..?

a. must have passed through the center of the lens b. parallel to the horizontal axis c. must have pass through the focal point on the opposite side of the lens d. vertically
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How long will it take for this hanging mass to return to the zero angle?

Hello, I'm taking a summer course in college physics and am reviewing some practice questions to prepare for my oncoming exam. I'd really appreciate some help on this question that I'm not sure... more


How do you calculate the conversion of 200mLs of Dimethysulfoxide (DMSO) to grams?

I calculated 220.08 grams using the equation "mass = (volume)(density)",but this does not seem correct. Thank you.


how many chromosomes does zygomycetes have?

 I cant find this anywere. 
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Physics help!

A small loop of wire with radius 2 cm is placed in a uniform upward magnetic field. By what factor does the flux change if the radius of the loop is increased to 8 cm?    



What study strategies would make effective use of the levels-of-processing approach to memory?


How are sponges different from other animals and how do they obtain their food?

Well the answer dosnt have to be in detail 


A runner travels 800 meters ( 2 full laps ) in 80 seconds, what is the runner's displacement

I have a science exam and do not understand this question. Please help


For the reaction : 4Fe+3O2-->2Fe2O3, if 100 g of Fe are used how much Fe2O3 are produced?

I'm having such a hard time with this..It's my physics HW and I don't know how to solve this.
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Help! Bad movie Physics coefficient of friction question! PLEaSE HELP!!!

I am doing a project for my physics class about bad movie physics. I am using the movie Frozen and a scene where Elsa uses her powers to magically create ice under anna. anna then slides. I need to... more
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Suppose that the displacement of an object is related to time according to the expression x = Bt2. What are the dimensions of B?

Suppose that the displacement of an object is related to time according to the expression x = Bt2. What are the dimensions of B?


How does the Parkinson’s Disease, affect your body system?

Parkinson’s Disease, affect your body system?Parkinson’s Disease, affect your body system? 


what do insects use to breathe

what do insects use to breathe 
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Write in the Percent Composition of the entire atmosphere

i only want the percentages of each layer of atmosphere Please


What is a chemical reaction

It has to do with science
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During exercise, venous return is enhanced by?

a.the operation of carotid arterialand femoral arterial valves.b. the operation of the respiratory muscle/ventilation pump.c. skeletal muscle pump operation.d. all of the above.e. only b &... more


Why does yeast not belong in the eubacteria kingdom

It is for my science homework that is due in about 1 hour! I need an answer now!
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Astronomy question about comets

I am stuck on this one question on my science homework, and I would like to know how to answer it so I can be ready for a quiz, too. Please help.   Suppose a comet passes the sun every 57 years,... more


-7×(-4)÷14 2 the power of 2

need help with algebra expresions

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