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Express your answer in units of kWh/d.

Chickens require 0.075 kWh per day of energy (as feed) for each kilogram of animal, and 2/3 of an adult chicken is edible meat. The lifespan of a chicken is 50 days.What is the daily energy... more


Express your answer as a percentage.

Typical fresh water usage is approximately 150 litres per day per person. If all of this water came from a desalination plant with an energy cost of 4 kWh(e)/m3 what percentage would this be of the... more


Express your answer in terms of W/m2.

What is the average power per m2 of floor space for a 100 m2 apartment with a leakiness (heat-loss coefficient) of 9 kWh per day per oC and an average inside/outside temperature difference of 15oC.... more


Calculate the daily energy saving (in units of kWh)

You make a decision to reduce your daily shower time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. For each shower the water is heated from 20oC to 50oC and an energy-saving shower head is used which limits the... more


how many years can this plant be operated?

A pilot geothermal plant is installed over a basin with an estimated stored heat energy capacity of 88 TJ. The geothermal plant has an average capacity of 230 kW. For how many years can this plant... more


Please Help! I don't know what to say.

 Identify any challenging conditions that you may encounter on your mission; this may include near vacuum conditions, extreme temperatures, and microgravity. Explain how you will overcome these... more
Science Geology


Will a mountain or a valley have more fertile soil? why?

Will a mountain of a valley have more fertile soil?


GAS MILEAGE   A car magazine is trying to write an article that rates the top 5 most fuel efficient SUVs (the SUVs that can drive the most miles for each gallon of gasoline). They make sure each... more


Who invented the clothes hanger?

Google and ask have different answers and I need the one that's is similar to at least 5 different websites. Please help. Thank you to whoever answers.
Science Botany


What two or more ways can the activities of the caterpillar change it's ecosystem?

I don't get why it changes anything. Please explain.
Science Sun Earth


Is the sun's interior similar to Earth's?

Is this true or not. I am not sure. Please help fast. I need this done by 2:22pm TODAY!


Does definition of green power is the same as sustainable power?

Please help di answers this question


How does the size of high and low tides in a spring tide compare with the size of high and low tides in a neap tide?

I don't see it in my lesson. And I keep going back, but I don't see the answer at all. Please help by the end of tonight.


How does the size of high and low tides in a spring tide compare with the size of high and low tides in a neap tide?

I don't know the answer, and I keep going back in lesson but cant find the answer. Please help.

Biology - Asexual reproduction

Starting with one bacterium, how many bacterial cells would be expected from 6 cycles of Binary Fission?   Is 62 correct?   Thanks in advance for your help :)  


Why are summers generally warmer than winters?

I don't know if this side of the earth is the Northern hemisphere or the Southern hemisphere. And I really don't know the answer. Please help.


Roughly how many times does Earth rotate during each complete revolution?

I also need help with this. My teachers let me retake quizzes but with the right answer I have to explain .
Science Eyes Green Brown


Why do my eyes change color?

My eyes go from green to brown to hazel.


AP Bio question on elements

approximately 25 elements are known to be essential to living organisms. out of these 25 elements, four (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) make up 96% of living organisms. The remaining... more


Which of the following terms describes changes in allele frequencies in the gene pool over a single generation?

I think it's microevolution but not sure. b. macroevolution c. segregate


AP Biology question on writing equations

Write an equation that uses the products of photosynthesis as reactants and uses the reactants as products. Add energy as another product. 

Osmosis - cell transport

Osmosis is the movement of water from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration across a semi permeable membrane, but how does it link to the surrounding water being Hypertonic,... more


In developing countries, which of the following factors correlates with high birth rates?

A. Increased availability of contraceptionB. Increased education and standard of livingC. High infant mortality rateD. High availability of postnatal care
Science Geography


How does the location of alice springs, Australia help explain why it receives less rainfall than Portland Oregon

I need help with this question.    

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