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What would happen to the moon if I took a piece of it away and brought it to Earth?

This is not homework. Its just a question that I have been thinking about.


1. Natalie performed the next experiment: • She measures 100cm3 of water and puts this into a beaker. • Then she adds a 1g indigestion tablet to the water. • Fi

1. Natalie performed the next experiment:• She measures 100cm3 of water and puts this into a beaker.• Then she adds a 1g indigestion tablet to the water.• Finally, she measures the change in... more
Science Genetics


After 30 cycles, calculate how much PCR product (in micrograms) could potentially be produced

 1 microgram of human genomic DNA is amplified in a PCR reaction using primers designed to amplify a 330 base pair fragment. After 30 cycles, calculate how much PCR product (in micrograms) could... more


Science and enzymes and yea

Explain what would happen if a reactant molecule with a different shape to the enzyme came in contact with the enzymes active site     I need need the answer ASAP  thanks dudes 


Why it is easier for a person to float while swimming in the Great Salt Lake than it is at Lake Tahoe.

Explain the answer in a complete sentence please


Is 416 proportional to 52 explain

I think I will need help with math word problems and science and language art and I need dictionary 


calcium , argon , sodium , nitrogen , oxygen , chlorine. which of these can become stable by losing 1 electron

science : atoms and assessment lesson 1


what is photosynthesis?

I do not understand this!! Also What is a cellular respiration and how does it take place?   Please advise!!!   Jessica


what is the formula for changed temperature

what is the formula for a changed temperature of water


Arts and Science / Evolution College Course Question

Hi,I'm in an Arts&Science 195 College Course and I have my final coming up My teacher wants "A 2000 word paper on the representation of evolutionary biology in a particular cultural text either... more
Science Math


9(2-w) using distributive property

Answer this using the distributive property  
Science Physics Education


Shirley Temple was curling her hair when she dropped the curling iron.

Shirley Temple was curling her hair when she dropped the curling iron. The curling iron fell 1.899 m to the floor. How long (in seconds) did it fall?


IDENTIFY the benefits that space technology has provided for modern society.

Please help! I don't know this. And my mom is kind of getting upset about this. So please help me right away. Again right way! AND WHOEVER HELPS THANK YOU. Sorry about the caps. Just please help me


What is the average kWh/d per person in Sydney due to aluminium smelting?

Tomago aluminium smelter located near Sydney has a rated capacity of 520,000 tonnes of aluminium per year. The production of each kilogram of aluminium requires 15 kWh of primary energy to smelt... more


If a machine does 100 joules of work over the course of 10 seconds, how much power is required?

I got this answer wrong on a test and I'm terrible at science so I was just wondering what the right answer was!


Express your answer in units of kWh/d.

Chickens require 0.075 kWh per day of energy (as feed) for each kilogram of animal, and 2/3 of an adult chicken is edible meat. The lifespan of a chicken is 50 days.What is the daily energy... more


Express your answer as a percentage.

Typical fresh water usage is approximately 150 litres per day per person. If all of this water came from a desalination plant with an energy cost of 4 kWh(e)/m3 what percentage would this be of the... more


Express your answer in terms of W/m2.

What is the average power per m2 of floor space for a 100 m2 apartment with a leakiness (heat-loss coefficient) of 9 kWh per day per oC and an average inside/outside temperature difference of 15oC.... more


Calculate the daily energy saving (in units of kWh)

You make a decision to reduce your daily shower time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes. For each shower the water is heated from 20oC to 50oC and an energy-saving shower head is used which limits the... more


how many years can this plant be operated?

A pilot geothermal plant is installed over a basin with an estimated stored heat energy capacity of 88 TJ. The geothermal plant has an average capacity of 230 kW. For how many years can this plant... more


Please Help! I don't know what to say.

 Identify any challenging conditions that you may encounter on your mission; this may include near vacuum conditions, extreme temperatures, and microgravity. Explain how you will overcome these... more
Science Geology


Will a mountain or a valley have more fertile soil? why?

Will a mountain of a valley have more fertile soil?


GAS MILEAGE   A car magazine is trying to write an article that rates the top 5 most fuel efficient SUVs (the SUVs that can drive the most miles for each gallon of gasoline). They make sure each... more


Who invented the clothes hanger?

Google and ask have different answers and I need the one that's is similar to at least 5 different websites. Please help. Thank you to whoever answers.

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