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Can someone please help me with this question regarding hydrophobic molecules in water? CHEM/BIO- IM STUCK!!!

Which is the most accurate statement of the phenomenon underlying 'hydrophobicity', the clustering of oily molecules in the presence of water?Select one:a. it's all about size--oil molecules are... more


what does it mean if the wavelength is 0.3 m

Doing my science homework, but can't figure out this question; what does it mean if the wavelength is 0.3 m? 


For a stormwater drain and was wondering if.....

For a stormwater drain and was wondering if you would be able to separate two liquids (underground) by boiling off the one at the lower temp rate. is that possible and if not do you have any other... more


The mesoderm develops into

A. Pituitary gland B. Reproductive system C. Skin D. Pancreas   My ans is C.  Isn't it mesoderm is middle layer? But looking at these choices i think C. is best ans.  If anyone can explain... more


Which of the following is function of bile?

A. Bind Vitamins B. Store minerals C. Emulaify fats D. Break down carbohydrates   Help please!  


Sound energy is a form of what kind of energy?

It's for my high school


a ping pong ball has a mass of about 2.5 grams what is the mass in milligrams

a ping pong ball has a mass of about 2.5 grams what is the mass in milligrams


Compared to the rest of the world is food in the united states expensive or inexpensive

Can't find a answer on the internet


how many elements are in (NaoH)2

i need help with this asap.


How much CaCl2 needs to be added to change the concentration of Ca from 100mg/L to 200mg/L?

Question: I have 275 gal of water. Ca concentration is 100mg/L. How much CaCl2 is needed to be added for Ca to become 200mg/L?   I understand that you should convert mg to grams, and doing so... more


how many of the probable offspring will be hybrid purple-colored? white-colored?

It Is about Genetic. can you answer my questions please?  

Heat Capacity

A cylinder contains 250 g of Helium at 200 K. The external pressure is constant at 1 atm. The system experiences an evolution of heat and the temperature change is 55 K. Calculate q. Express your... more

Bomb Calorimetry Question

A 0.65 g sample of glucose (MW = 180. g/mol) is burned in a bomb calorimeter that has a heat capacity of 1.56 kJ/oC. The temperature of the calorimeter increases by 6.53oC. Calculate the molar heat... more

Calculate q

A cylinder contains 250 g of Helium at 200 K. The external pressure is constant at 1 atm. The temperature of the gas inside the cylinder is then lowered by 97 K.Calculate q for this system in... more


Determine delta H

In a coffee-cup calorimeter, 1 mol NaOH and 1 mol HCl initially at 22 oC (Celsius) are mixed in 100g of water to yield the following reaction:NaOH + HCl → Na+(aq) + Cl-(aq) + H2O(l)After mixing... more

Atrazine Compound

Please look up the completed Lewis structure of atrazine and answer the following questions:    -How many atoms are sp3 hybridized?  -How many sigma bonds are in the completed Lewis structure? 


Which of the following compounds when placed in water would produce an electrically conductive solution?

-FeSO4 -ZnBr2 -Mn(OH)2 -CsBr -CCl4   Please select all that are true! 


Science Question

if Chris started running at 0m/s and ended with 2.9m/s, what is his acceleration? If his his mass is 82kg what is his force? His time is 2 hours

Colligative Properties?

What is the boiling point (in celsius) of a 1.56m aqueous solution of CaCl2?  


Is it true that a desert can form anywhere if rainfall decreases

Please help me


Solubility problem?

If .3720g of sulfer dioxide dissolves in 2.0L of water at 722 Torr, at what pressure would you be able to dissolve .4960g in the same amount of water?
Science Chemistry Moles


Mole fraction?

What is the mole fraction of NaOH in an aqueous solution that contains 15% NaOH (weight/weight%)?
Science Chemistry Moles


Mole fraction problem?

If the mole fraction of K2SO3 in an aqueous solution is .0328, what is the weight/weight % (percent by mass) of K2SO3?
Science Spider


What makes spiders to produce the silk thing from their body?

What makes spiders to produce the silk thing from their body? What is it made out of? How do they create them from inside and what happens when they create a web? How does the form of that... more
Science Biology Anatomy


Question about meiosis & oogenesis

Hello, I am confused about oogenesis. As far as I can gather, oogenesis is meiosis for the female sex cells. I understand that the secondary oocyte stalls at metaphase 2 and is then ovulated. If it... more

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