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Reading Math


Why do students sometimes back away from learning?

Why do students sometimes back away from learning?
Reading Novel Novel Study


In Maze Runner, does Thomas have a characteristic of of dystopian protagonist?

In Maze Runner, does Thomas have a characteristic of of dystopian protagonist? Find at least 2 examples from the text to support your response.The Dystopian Protagonist Often feels trapped and is... more
Reading English Grammar


What is the best way to teach (and learn) writing? Is Common Core's approach correct?

Writing skills seem to have deteriorated to the point of mass incoherence, if not illiteracy. Are schools using the correct methods? Do we know even what the "correct" method is, or how writing... more
Reading English Writing


Aristotle's Poetics

How has Aristotle's term of imitation changed by the following quote? "For Tragedy is animitation, not of men, but of action and life, of happiness and misery. And life consists of action, and its... more


what is the article mostly about?

a.) the discovery in china of the terra cotta warriors an important archaeological find


what is the article mostly about?

a.) the discovery in china


How to give review for past lessons

How to give review for past lessons. I see that there's some past lessons I did not give a review on, how do I do that? Thank you!Loan
Reading English Writing


To Kill a Mockingbird questions

1. Why are the children so stunned by what Atticus says at the end of chapter 13? Why does Scout feel so hurt?2. Does Harper Lee do a good job of building tension and suspense around the Tom... more
Reading English Esl/esol


How can I remember my sight words?

Reading English


To Kill a Mocking bird movie vs book. Urgent!!! Thank you!!!

To Kill a Mocking bird movie vs book(Chapters 1 - 11) How does the film compare to the book? Do you think it captures the first part of the book well? What is your evaluation of what you watched?... more
Reading English Writing


How does the change in setting contribute to the shift in tone?

I'm having trouble understanding how a change in setting can affect the tone.


How does the poet simile comparing a life's Ambitions and a faulty pilot light contribute to the central idea of the poem?

Commonlit "The Coming of Night "


What is the "spark of hunger" that the speaker mentions in line 4?

This is a poem calls "The Coming of Night" on commonlit


How can I improve an essay or make it more readable?

You may be wondering how to organize an essay better. You may be wondering to make it easier to understand and grade. You may already have a great essay, but simply want to make it outstanding. No... more
Reading English


The book is called riot look through 1-49 I can't find an answer

The kind of people Maeve is referring to when she talks about the swells
Reading History Writing


This Article is hard to Do

Prepare a statement that includes: a brief summary of the article, a statement regarding the author’s position regarding the historical text’s relevance, and a statement of the group’s agreement OR... more
Reading Writing


How do i Answer this question

Poem... more



the cube of twice a number


How can I help my child to develop a love of reading?

Reading English History


(Magna Carta) HELP ME!!! What category from the word bank goes with the paragraph?

ChurchFamily and PropertyTaxes and ServiceLegal MattersLocal GovernmentTowns and TradeEnforcement and Security(They can be used more than once) Heirs are to be married without... more
Reading English Writing


Of Plymouth Plantation Book

What are the relationship between the English people and the Native American people from the author’s William Bradford’s perspective. Consider how their relationship changes from the beginning of... more


Important!! Please help.

When would an author use 1st person point of view instead of 3rd person point of view?
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