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Rational Functions

How are rational functions similar to linear, quadratic, or exponential functions? How are they different? When are these similarities or differences important when looking for intersections... more

How much fencing to buy to make a square holding pen with a 5.5 foot gap (gate). The length of fencing, f, in feet is directly proportional to the square root o

Write an equation that models the length of fencing in terms of the area, A, in square feet.What is the domain of the function for length? Explain your answer.Graph the function from an area of 0... more

Cost to print files varies directly with number of copies. If it costs $45 to print 750 copies, what will be the total cost for 120 copies?

this is a rational function question that deals with direct variation.

Please help with this word problem. I'm not understanding this concept and I have to show all of the work.

Suppose x and y vary inversely, and y = 10 when x = 4. Write a function that models the variation (1pt.). Then find y when x = 90 (1pt.).   Thank you

Can i have help with these 2 Algebra 2 problems?

Been trying to solve these 2 but have been struggling with it. Here they are:   1.) (3x)/(2(x+9)) + (x-4)/(x+3) -------------Simplify the expression.   2.)(x-7)/(x^2-8x+15) - (9(x-3))/(x^2-25)... more

Write a function y=f(x) that gives the time y, in hours, that it takes steve and sally to paddle to elk Island. Hint: use the formula d=rt

Steve and Sally went canoeing on Red river on a day when the current flowed at 3mi/h. They left at 8:30 A.M and paddled upstream until they reached Elk Island, where they stopped to have lunch.... more

I got a test question that was asking me to find the x intercept of the function (8-4x)/(x^2-6x+8)

 I know that you can solve for the x intercept by solving the numerator, but when I did that and got 2, it said the correct answer was that there was no x intercept. Can someone explain this to me... more

What is the range of r(x) = 4x^2/ x^2 − 2x − 3

I just need to know what the range of this equation is.

How to find the inverse of a rational function when the polynomials are higher than degree 1?

f(x) = (3x) / (x2 + 1). Show that f-1(x)  = (6 - 3x2) / (x2 + 2)2

A rational function g(x) is such that g(x) = f(x) wherever f(x) is defined. Find the value of a and b.

f(x) = (2x-2)/ x2+x-2 g(x) = a/ b+x  

Worded indicies problem- Find temperature of liquid

When a liquid is placed into a refrigerator, its temperature T°C at a time t minutes is given by the formula T=T*10^-kt The temperature is initially 100°C and drops to 40°C in 5 minutes. Find... more

Solve a rational function, find intercepts , domain , and asymptotes of 2(x-2)(x+1)/(x-3)(x+5)

Need this to graph please have no idea , need all intercepts, asymptotes and domain

HELP ASAP!!!! PLEASE! Solving Rational Equations!!!

We're solving rational equations and we get extra credit if we have this problem answered by tomorrow!   x+5/x^2-6x-27+x-17/x^2-18x+77=x+1/x^2-14x+33   Please include all of your work!    My... more

Find the domain of the rational function.


Find the vertical, horizontal and oblique asymptotes.


What is the wind speed?

An airplane makes a 990-mi flight with a tail wind and returns, flying into the wind. The total flying time is 3h 20min, and the plane's airspeed is 600mph. What is the wind speed?

What is the formula for this rational function?

Vertical Asymptote at x=-2 Horizontal Asymptote at y=1 X-Intercepts: (-3,0) and (1,0) Y-Intercept: (0, -¾)

Rational Function

Find a function that represents a graph that has a vertical asymptote at x=5 and a hole at x=-3     The answer is: k(x)= (x2+2x-3)/(x2-2x-15)   I dont understand how the numerator was found,... more

Rational Function

Find a rational function that represents a graph that has a vertical asymptote at x=2 and x= -3 and a horizontal azymptote at y=0.   the answer is f(x)= (x-4)/(x2+x-6)    I understand how the... more

How to create the function?

create a rational function with a slant asymptote of y=x+8 And vertical asymptotes x=2 and x=-1

Rational Function

given f(x)= t3-2t2-8t/t2-4  find the domain, asymptotes, holes and intercepts.   I know that to find the x intercept you set y=0 and solve for x but I am unsure how to isolate x when the... more

equation of rational function

Find an equation of a rational function f that satisfies the given conditions.vertical asymptotes: x = −3, x = 5horizontal asymptote: y = 2x-intercept: −5, 3; hole at x = 0     Thanks!

Graphing a Rational Function

Please help me graph this rational function g(x) = (-5x)/(x2-9) I'm stuck with plotting the points and sketching the graph.
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