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Please help! Quadratic function solving

A basketball player shoots a basketball with an initial velocity of 15 ft/sec. The ball is released from an initial height of 6.5 feet.The function         models the height, in feet, of an object... more

Dimensions of a rug

Cynthia Besch wants to buy a rug for a room that is 25ft wide and 33ft long . She wants to leave a uniform strip of floor around the rug. She can afford to buy 609 square feet of carpeting. What... more

Find a quadratic model for the set of values

(-2,8)(0,-4)(4,68)Answer choices:A.y=4x^2+2x-4B.y=2x^2+4x-4C. y=-4x^2-2x+4

How to Solve using quadratic formula

7x2+140=0My answer X=+-2isqrt5 x2-4x=-10 My answer X=2+-isqrt6

How to solve using quadratic formula


Algebra ll question

A golf ball is hit from the ground, and it’s height can be modeled by the equation h(t)=-16t^2+128t were h(t) represents the height (in feet) of the ball t seconds after contact. What will the... more

Algebra II problem

You have a garden that measures 15ft by19ft. You want to put a sidewalk around the garden but are not sure how wide to make it. Determine how wide the sidewalk should be when the total area of the... more

using quadratic equation

A firework is launched off a platform 5ft above the ground. The initial velocity of the rocket was 150 feet per second. A function was created to model rocket’s distance from the point it was... more

Ball thrown in the air, max height

A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground with an initial velocity of 109 ft/sec. Use the quadratic function h(t)=−16t^2+109t to find how long it will take for the ball to reach its... more

Determine the smallest area these figures can get

Of 400 cm steel wire, one should construct a square and a rectangle where the longer side of the rectangle is 20 cm longer than the shorter side of the same rectangle. Determine the smallest... more

Quadratic Equations

Consider the quadratic equation x^2 + bx + 10 = 0, where b is a constant. Determine possible values of b so that this question does not have a solution. This question is very confusing. The answer... more

Min/Max applications of quadratic formulas

The total cost of producing a type of truck is given by , C(x) = 21000 -20x + 0.04^2 where x is the number of trucks produced. How many trucks should be produced to incur minimum cost?

Quadratic Equation! Please Help!

Solve for x where 0 ≤ x ≤ pi.sec^2 x + 3 sec + 2 = 0.(the answers should be given as fractions, from least to greatest)

What is the maximum area he can fence in this manner?

A farmer wants to build two rectangular pens of equal size off the side of a barn and he has 400 feet of fence to do so. To help increase the pens area, the farmer requires that they share a side... more

What is the height of the garden? [Algebra 2: Quadratics]

A landscaper is designing a flower garden in the shape of a trapezoid. She needs the shortest base to be 7 yards greater than the height, and the longer base to be 11 yards greater than the height.... more

How to do a translation, followed by a reflection in the x-axis?

For example if the parent function is f(x) = x2+2x+1, or f(x) = (x+1)2 and the problem asks for a translation left 3, and down 1, followed by a reflection in the x-axis.If I'm understanding... more

Quadratic Transformation Help

F(x) = -(2(x-4))^2+2 describe the transformations that would turn f(x) into quad function g(x) = -2f(3(x-4))+2 more specifically, how to find the vertex of g(x)


Are the points A(3,5), B(0,2) and C(-2,10) the vertices of a right triangle? Justify your answerThe endpoints of the diameter of a circle are (-5,1) and (3,-5). Find the center and the radius of... more

x^2+32=0 solve in quadratic formula

also 4x^2+16x+15=0 and y=16x^2-4x+3=0

Quadratic Functions

Use completing the square to write the following equations in vertex form. State the vertex and whether the parabola has a maximum or minimum value.1) y = x^2 - 10x + 32) y= -x^2 + 12x +23) y =... more

Quadratic Functions

For the following quadratic functions, state the transformations that have occurred to the parent function, state the vertex and whether the parabola will open up or down and sketch the curve by... more

Solving Quadratic Equations

The square of a number is equal to 15 more than the twice number. Finad all such numbers.
1 3 4 5 6 7 10

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