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evaluate this expression 3! – 2 x 4! + P(7,0) – P(3,3) + 0!

Permutations Math Statistics Probability


Can someone check my answers for this question please?

A family of 7 are to take a photograph.a. How many arrangements are possible if the triplets (Jack, Bob, Don) are side by side?My Answer: 5! x 3!b. How man arrangements are possible if the parents... more


Permutation Question

How many permutations are there of the letters in the word BASKETBALL, if the two Ls must be together?
Permutations Probability Combinatorics


How many combinations of 16 characters can i have with 12 places? Repetition is allowed.

The game no man's sky has a coordinate system using "glyphs", unique characters, of which there are 16, but the actual coordinates only use 12 of these 16 glyphs.Repetition of glyphs are allowed.... more
Permutations Math Algorithm


Permutations algorithm maximum difference/contrast

Hello, I was wondering what would be the algorithm for permutations with 5 numbers and 4 possible kinds of numbers used and order being important. To make each iteration as different as possible... more
Permutations Probability


25 board members are eligible to hold the office of president, vice president, secretary, vice secretary and treasurer how many nominations are possible?

no person may be nominated for two or more positions
Permutations Math Mathematics


Permutations with restrictions and repitition

Answer the following regarding three digit numbers if 234 is considered a 3 digit number but 034 is not:a) How many odd three digit numbers are there if numbers can be repeated?b) How many odd... more


Combinations/Permutations (Very Urgent!!!)

 There are 14 European cities that Jim would eventually like to visit. On his next vacation, though, he only has time to visit 3 of the cities: one on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday.... more


How many circular arrangements for 4 boys and 4 girls are possible if three boys cannot sit together?

How many circular arrangements for 4 boys and 4 girls are possible if three boys cannot sit together? Also assume that any two of these three boys cannot sit together.


Permutation Probability Question

a) From a deck of 52 cards, what is the probability of getting 3 aces followed by 2 jacksb) what is the probability of getting 3 aces AND 2 jacks


Five cards are selected from a 52-card deck for a poker hand.

A royal flush is a hand that contains the A, K, Q, J, and 10, all in the same suit. What is the probability of being dealt a royal flush?
Permutations Combinations


Permutations HELP

 Rework problem 30 from the Chapter 2 review exercises in your text, involving basketballs with defective valves. For this problem, assume the bag contains 16 basketballs, 6 of which have defective... more
Permutations Probability Combinations


probability and permutations

The 10 letter tiles S A C D E E M I I and O are in a bag. What is the probability that the letters S A M E will be drawn from the bag in that order?


Statistics - Combos/Permutations

License plates in your state have 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. But in order to avoid confusion with the numbers,letters "I" and "o" are not used. How many different possible license plates can... more
Permutations Gre Combinatorics Gre Exam


GRE quant question (hard)?

"I got this question from the GRE book. Central state college has three sections of Math 102. If four students, Bill, Jill, Phill, and Will decide to transfer from Math 101 into Math 102, in how... more
Permutations Geometry Gre Gre Exam


GRE Permutation and geometry question?

How many heptagons can be drawn by joining the vertices of a polygon with 10 sides?
Permutations Gre Combinatorics Gre Exam


Combination GRE problem 25?

An appliance's model number consists of three alphanumeric characters. The first character must be one of 24 permissible letters of the alphabet. The next character is numeric, a digit from 1 to 9.... more
Permutations Geometry Gre Gre Exam


GRE Permutation and geometry question?

Are there are formula showing relation between diagonal and no of sides of a polygon?
Permutations Probability


Permutations 0f Four Tiles

How many permutations can you make with 4 different sided square tiles in a 2x2 grid
Permutations Statistics


Social Security Number- Permutation?

A social security number consists of nine digits in a particular order, and repetition of digits is allowed. After seeing the last 4 digits printed on a receipt, if you randomly select the other... more
Permutations Subsets


Find number of possible groups of 6 sets of 4 different variables without duplicate variables within a set.

Starting with 24 variables A,B,C,...X. Trying to come up with as many sets of 4 variables, using all 24, as in 6 groups of 4 variables, without having any 2 variables in the same set twice. So,... more

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