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How do I write an equation from a parabola into factored form?

A parabola has x-intercepts of 7 and 3 and it passes through the point (4, -9)
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x-intercepts of parabola

y = -0.33x^2 + 0.84x + 6x - intercepts of the parabola?


parabola question help

y = -0.33x^2 + 0.84x + 6substitute x = 3 into the equation of the parabola, find the coordinates of the point where the line x= 3 meets the parabola?


How do I find the quadratic function for a parabola when given the vertex and two points?

Vertex: (1,-3) ;; Points: (-1, 4) (3, 4) ;; (OPENS UPWARDS) vertex: (3,-1) ;; Points: (1, 3) (5, 3) ;; (OPENS UPWARDS) vertex: (1, 5) ;; Points: (0, 2) (2, 2) ; (OPENS DOWNWARDS)
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Write the standard form of the equation of the parabola with the given focus and vertex at (0,0).

a. (0,-1)b. (0,3)


What is the product of the x-intercepts of this parabola?

The two x-intercepts of the parabola are (-3,0) and (1,0).
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find parabola features without a graph

A parabola can be drawn given a focus of(−8,−8) and a directrix of y=2. What can be said about the parabola?what is the vertex and p value


How to find the points of intersection between a circle and a parabola?

Use x(squared)+2y=12 and x(squared)+y(squared)=36 as an example. I've been trying to review for my finals and this is the topic that has been very challenging for me. Thank you!
Parabola Algebra 2


!!!Need help with this ASAP!!!

Find the vertex for the parabola

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