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Math Word Problem


Find three consecutive integers such that twice the second equals one half the sum of the first and third

Find three consecutive integers such that twice the second equals one half the sum of the first and third
Math Word Problem



andrianne is planning to bake some chocolate strawberry and raisin muffins for a party she was asked to bake half as many chocolate as raisin and 3 times as many strawberry muffins as chocolate if... more
Math Word Problem


how many days does a scientist grow a culture of 3000 cells at 7 % growth per day to increase the number of cells by 630 ?

choices are a. 2 days b. 3 days c.8 days d.10 days 
Math Word Problem


Use the internet, a local newspaper, or your favorite magazine. Find examples of inequalities. Translate each inequalitiy you find into symbols.

I have looked at newspapers, and can't find anything, so you guys are my last resource/hope.
Math Word Problem


Word Problem

The cost to produce one laptop computer is 890.00 plus a one time fixed cost of 100,000.00 for research and development. Each laptop computer will be sold for 1520.00.   A. Write a formula that... more
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Find the population

In 2006, the population of a country was 47.9 million people. From 2006 to 2050 the country's population is expected to decrease by 4.8%. Find the expected population of the county in 2050. Round... more
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Math Word Problem Average

The average annual number of cigarettes smoked by an adult in some country continues to decline. For the years 1997-2006, the equation y=-49.2x+1756.7 approximates this data. Here x is the number... more
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Algebra word problem for 5th grade

one lady finger and six cookies cost $3.05. At the same prices, two lady fingers and four cookies cost $2.50. How much does one cookie cost?
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Calculation Body Mass

Calculating body-mass index (BMI) is a way to gauge whether a person should lose weight. Doctors recommend that body-mass index values fall between 19 and 25. The formula for Body mass index B is... more
Math Word Problem


Brian bought 3 packs of mints with a number of mints in each pack.

write an expression.
Math Word Problem


A math word problem

A theater group made appearances in two cities. The hotel charge before tax in the second city was $500 lower than in the first. The tax in the first city was 3%, and the tax in the second city was... more

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