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Precalculus word problem

A rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 12 inches by 18 inches is to be made into a box w/ an open top by cutting equal-sized squares from each corner and folding up the sides. Let x represent... more


Sasha is building a picture frame.the picture is 8 inches by 10 inches.how many inches of wood will sasha need?

Sasha is building a picture frame.the picture is 8 inches by 10 inches.how many inches of wood will sasha need?



I am thinking of 3-digit number.It can be formed by using three of the digits shown on the cards below.The digit in the tens place is 1 more than the digit in the ones place.The digit in the tens... more


Which of the following is the maximum weight of the items purchased ?

A woman buys 8 items at the grocery store..the lightest item weighs 6 ounces ..the heaviest weighs 14 ounces ..the woman buys 4 items that weigh 10 ounces per item.. Which of the following is the... more


4th Grade Math Problem

Neil can put together 1/5 of his puzzle pieces in one hour what fraction of the puzzle will be solved after three hours


Trigonometry problem

Suppose you are solving a trigonometric equation for solutions over the interval [0,2π)​, and your work leads to 2x = 2π/3, 2π, 8π/3. What are the corresponding values of​ x?


Simplified answer

What is 105 septillionth of 140 millimeters written as all numbers no words, just numbers.


Credit Card Balance

Suppose you have a credit card balance of $16,500. the minimum payment is $338, and the annual percentage rate is 20.9%. If you make the minimum payment of $338, how long will it take you to pay... more


CUBICS MATH PROBLEM - How do I expand this cubic form?

The questions on the book says: 3. From the cubic form, give your answer in factor form and in expanded form My cubic function/form is: 2(x+1)2 (x-3) 1ST STEP: (solve the square, by re-writing the... more


Math Problem Help

What annual compound interest rate is required for the debt of a compound interest loan to grow by 42% in 14 years?Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent. 
1 3 4 5 6 7 54

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