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Language Social Studies


Language imposition and Bilingual

What's the different between being bilingual and having a language impose? For example bilingual is by nurture and by choice but language imposition is forced upon others like how the colonizers... more


Where did you learn all these languages?

Language English Literature


find a simile, metaphor, metonymy/synecdoche and stock phrases?

Lady Alice Lady Alice was sitting in her bower window, At midnight mending her quoif;  And there she saw as fine a corpse  As ever she saw in her life.  'What bear ye, what bear ye, ye six men... more
Language Latin


Looking for an accurate translation of an English phrase to Latin

I am looking for a better or more accurate translation of the following phrases:”happiness at the expense of no one””happiness at no one’s expense””at no man’s expense””happiness at no harm to... more
Language English Grammar


What's the meaning of "flat landscape"? Is there any synonym for it?

For context: Today you will travel to a small hill surrounded by flat landscape.
Language Esl


Do you think watching TV shows helps develop your language skills?

Does watching a TV show in a foreign language help you learn the language?
Language English Grammar


Why is it difficult to understand a foreign language when it is spoken?

Why is it that students can excell in grammar, reading and writing a foreign language (such as English) and then have such a hard time when they are trying to understand it spoken?
Language English Grammar


Is "are" a finite or nonfinite verb?

Language Vocabulary Grammar


Becoming conversational in Spanish

How long will it take for me to become conversational in Spanish?


Analyse cohesion (grammatical and lexical) in the underlined phrases:

Language English Grammar


Explain what makes the underlined sentences transitional

Language Writing


Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

Sky, water, students, career, time, strength, forest, birds, science, politics, superhero.
Language English Vocabulary


Where do I start when trying to write an essay?

Language Spanish Culture


From an Expert to an Expert: What Is Your Favorite Spanish Idiom?!

Most teachers can agree that mastering idioms in a foreign language is an exciting challenge and true evidence of a great speaker. An idiom is a phrase or expression that typically presents a... more
Language English Literature


Conflict in "The Joy" by Anton Chekhov

Hi!I have read the novel "The Joy" by Anton Chekhov, and I am trying to figure out the conflict in this novel. I am not sure, but I think the conflict is everyone's curiosity to know why the main... more
Language Arabic


How long does it take to learn a new language?



why do you think that learning a language is is important?

there's no wrong answer to this question, please be true to yourself.


Are you in need to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second spoken language in the United States. Are you trying to pratice speaking Spanish so you don't forget it, or are you trying to learn Spanish as a beginner? Well, I would love... more
Language Latin


Spanish sounds like Italian, Portugués, French...

Have you ever heard languages like, portugués, French, or even Italian? Do they sound similar to Spanish? They sure do. Many words and phases are similar to Spanish but why do all these language... more


What culture is she?

A young woman I know is of Middle Eastern descent and wants to be an author.She does not follow traditions or partake in culture from her family's origin country/culture.She lives in USA.Is she... more
Language English Logic


Use the term ‘left’ to construct an argument that commits the fallacy of amphiboly.

I really can't think of anyway to use "left" in a fallacy of amphibioly
Language Writing Technique


Colours of ultraviolet?

I need to write something from the perspective of a character who sees colours differently from humans, and in particular can see multiple shades of ultraviolet. This isn't unique, their entire... more
Language Writing Style


Writing 19th century upperclass English dialog?

I was recently rereading bits of Pride and Prejudice and the dialog is absolutely brilliant. How can I learn to write dialog that sounds like it is from this general era? For example are there any... more
Language Writing Translation


How are multilingual scenes handled when the story's main language is translated into that of its minor one?

Say you have an English book in which there is a particular dialogue where one of a handful of participating characters is speaking French. In this dialogue the fact that he's speaking French is a... more
Language Latin Translate


Please Translate this Latin Sentence!

Tuus filius erit tutus, et Aeneae* imperuim perpetuum donabo.”__________ son __________ safe and __________ __________ to Aeneas.So far I have Your son is safe and Aeneas... to Aeneas... that's it... more
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