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The sum of two consecutive odd integers is-76. Find the two integers




Suppose that the functions r and s are defined for all real numbers x as follows.r(x)=x-2s(x)=4x+6Write the expressions for (r-s) and (r+s) (x) and evaluate (r•s)(3).

How can I best help my Special Needs student while homeschooling this year?

Need help developing routines, schedule, and curriculum for my special education student who is homeschooling this year due to COVID-19
Homeschool Music Yoga


How well-equipped are you to teach online?

This question is applicable to music, yoga, and multi-subject tutoring.


What does it take to homeschool my child?

My strongest recommendation for the upcoming school year is to keep your child enrolled in the same school they were in previously. Even if you want to homeschool on your own you can use some of... more


9th grade end of the year

since i am transitioning to 9th grade this year, i was wondering if we are required to take an end of the year exam or test.
Homeschool Reading Elementary


What are your favorite books for junior readers?

What are the best books to use this summer for homeschooling the junior (beginning) reader?


What are the best at home programs for junior readers?



What did Bud do to help him enjoy his chores at The Log Cabin?

im not sure of the answer i listened to the book and followed along but just don't remember


Should the government continue to keep us on a quarantine with businesses closed until the virus is completely under control

Is it time to open the economy back up, get people back to work, and take a risk of the virus getting worse? need to be 3 paraGraph. please


need help immediately

susie used 2/5 of a litre of water to make a squash if she wanted to make 3/7 of this amount how much water would she nee
Homeschool Math Probability


Probability Question

A six sided dice and 20 sided dice are rolled.Let event A be rolling and odd number, and event B be rolling a multiple of on the 20 sided dice.Determine P(A∩B)Choices:-1/120-7/10-1/20-1/10


What EXACT materials can I use to teach my early reader at home?

These materials are designed for early readers up to “chapter book readers.” Because students learn to read on different timelines, please avoid using grades or age levels as ways to identify the... more


Homeschool + High School Diploma

Do I need a diploma from my high school in order to go to college?


what type of figurative language is this?

The shuttle was brightly lit.


Math question#12

Tom has a t-shirt store he's sold three times as many white t-shirts as blue t-shirt Tom sold a total of 40 t shirt how many white t-shirts did Tom sell


A bucket hold 6/8 of a gallon of water. Dayshia needs 7 buckets of water to fill a fish tank. How many gallons of water does dayshia need to fill her fish tank?

A bucket hold 6/8 of a gallon of water. Dayshia needs 7 buckets of water to fill a fish tank. How many gallons of water does dayshia need to fill her fish tank? 


The sum of two times a number and two is ten. Find the number.

Homeschool Math Physics


Please help me I really need to figure this question out.

An 18-foot ribbon is attached to the top of a pole and is located on the ground 10 feet away from the base of the pole. Suppose Mateo has a second ribbon that will be located an additional 23 feet... more
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