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Why does President Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be honored on our $20 bill?

Please give 3 sentences it will be very much appreciated. Thank you and may God bless.

The Bill of Rights limits the power of __________. ??? Is it A ? but then i also think its b ?

a. the government over the rights and liberties of individuals b. the national government over the rights of the states c. state governments over the inherent powers of the national... more

How Communism Destroyed Feudalism

How did Communism Destroyed Feudalism In Poland 1945


Abraham Lincoln and black soldiers and the Civil War

The Civil War had arguably the largest impact of any event in our nation’s past. However, the war affected America’s diverse peoples in different ways. In the following essay describe how Abraham... more


Events leading to Civil War

Historians have identified several key events that pushed the North and the South into Civil War. In the following essay, list those events and explain why they collectively led Americans to fight... more


Westward Expansion:Manifest Destiny of American Conquest

Should Westward Expansion be defended as Manifest Destiny or criticized as an American Conquest? Or, is it somewhere in between? Explain your answer.


Andrew Jackson Presidency

With out a doubt the presidency of Andrew Jackson directly shaped the lives of most Americans. In the following essay, describe how Jackson’s presidency affected you if you were a Northern... more


Federalists and Anti-Federalists

Who were the federalists? What was their core argument? Who were the anti-federalists? What was their core argument? What was the significance of their debate and how did the outcome shape American... more
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school administrator

Can my school admin see what I do on my personal account but using their device


The Native American association was an organization that hated irish roman catholics

History history history History history historyHistory history historyHistory history historyHistory history history
History Sociology


how can historiography and sociology (social science disciplines) reflect/explored/influenced on the black life's matter

how historiography and sociology relates and is reflected and explored throughout the black lifes matter


Analyze this poems below's seeming meanings and hidden, ironic meanings in an additional paragraph

Analyze this poems below's seeming meanings and hidden, ironic meanings in an additional paragraphOn Being Brought from Africa to America'Twas mercy brought me from my   Pagan land,Taught my... more


World War 2 Question

The United States was a relatively late participant in the Second World War, becoming an official belligerent after the December 7th, 1941 attack by the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.... more


Nationalism (History)

What creates and counteracts nationalism?


Events after French-Indian Wars

After the French and Indian Wars, several events took place that led directly to the Revolutionary War. Describe what those key events were and how they ignited or led to the Revolution.


Relations between colonists and Native Americans

When European colonists and Native Americans first came into contact each was viewed as ‘The Other’. In the following essay, explain what ‘The Other’ means and how differing views on family,... more
History World History


Describe the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on civilization.

Describe the impact of the Neolithic Revolution on civilization.


What were the prices of animal pelts during the 1870s-1880s of the American West? Coyote pelts? Raccoon pelts? Bear pelts? I need prices of the western era.

I need some prices of the American West time period, animal pelts, weapons, foods, necessities

what were the nature of people who carried out the holocaust?

what were the nature of people who carried out the holocaust?what were the underlying causes for success of Holocaust?

Tomaso Kampanela and Thomas More created their own patterns of “perfect societies”. Why these teachings were named “utopias”?

How do you think can a good peaceful social idea be transformed into something negative in real life?any examples (from world history/movie).

Can someone please help me with this History question I've really been struggling with?

This question has to do with "Speech in the Virginia Convention" by Patrick Henry. In this he proposes that America must fight the British. What are four specific arguments he uses in support of... more

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