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GMAT QUANT: Work Problem

A machine produced widgets for two days. On the second day the machine worked for 2 hours longer and at a constant rate 10 widgets per hour faster than it produced on the first day. If during the... more

GMAT QUANT: Percents, Ratios and Proportions

In a recent election, Nina received 0.25 percent of the 4,000 votes cast. To win the election, a candidate needed to receive more than 50 percent of the vote. How many additional votes would Nina... more

Applications of Integration

Use calculus to find the area of the triangle with the vertices (0, 5), (2, -2), and (5, 1).Area between curves =


Please solve this Urgently " survey find out from 6000000 people "

In a survey find out from 6000000 people 80% like color yellow 60 % like color Blue 75% like color Red 65% like color Green 55% like color Black 70% like color Grey 40% like color Maroon 30% like... more


The bacterium E. coli often causes illness among people who eat infected food. Suppose that five E. coli bacteria in a batch of ground beef begins doubling every 10 minutes. Show all work...

The bacterium E. coli often causes illness among people who eat infected food. Suppose that five E. colibacteria in a batch of ground beef begins doubling every 10 minutes. Show all work leading to... more

From 500 to 630 on GMAT within a month

Hi everyone, I want to ask the experts: Is it really approachable to get 630 on the Gmat with studying for 1 month giving that I got recently 500 in a mock test? I have 34V and 27Q. I perform... more


Mathematic Algebra

The proceeds from a concession stand that sold hamburgers and hotdogs at a baseball game were $575.50. The price of a hotdog was $2.50 and the price of a hamburger was $3.00. If the total of sold... more


How can I improve my Math Grade/Scores

Standardize tests and classroom math through algebra.


Set math help, please explain step by step.

Q. In a survey conducted for three perfumes, it was found that 40% of the respondents used Fa, 25 % used Havoc, and 60 % used Byredo. 16% used none of the three perfumes, whereas 15% of the... more

I need help please !! f(x)=7x−2xln(x),x>0 . x-coordinate of absolute maximum = ?

f(x)=7x−2xln(x),x>0 . x-coordinate of absolute maximum = ?


GMAT problem solving

The mean and median of seven distinct positive integers is 30. If the seven intergers are such that their product is maximum, what is the product of the smallest and the largest integers?


How to improve my GMAT score


What is the ionization energy?



Strong improvement but should I change my strategy?

Hey guys, I'd love some advice on my current situation. I took a practice GMAC cold a year ago and got a 460. I studied for 2 weeks (barely) and took another practice test for a 530 score. Then... more


Practice Test 1: Super Low Results

I am just now starting on my GMAT/MBA journey and haven't done any studying yet. This afternoon I took my first practice test and am horrified with my results. My overall score was 310 (11 Q / 19 V... more


What are some tips or tricks for preparing and doing well on the GMAT?



Seeking for help: Where to start?

Hi I am a first year student doing BSC. Should I try studying from now on or what. And if yes how to start any tips. Appreciate it!!


Gmat official guide 2018 or 2019

Hi I know this might be viewed as wrong by many people but does someone have link to the gmat official guide 2018 or 2019, or have it in e-copy and willing to share it with me. That would be... more


How to deal with study frustration?

I apologize if there is a resource I'm missing with information on this, but I get incredibly frustrated studying for the GMAT. I beat myself up for answers I get wrong and for performing at a... more


What is a data sufficiency question?



How Many " Devilish/Hard" level quant questions?

For those who have scored in the 45+ range for quant, how many Hard level questions/ Devilish level questions did you see during the test? What were your strategies for them? Most the time I... more


What is the difference between the CAT and GMAT syllabus?



How long is the GMAT? How many questions are there?

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