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Which of the following could happen if human DNA were methylated?

A. DNA binding proteins, which could not bind to DNA when it was not methylated, are now able to bind B. Histone proteins, which package DNA, are no longer able to bind to DNA once it becomes... more
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What are these pairs of chromosomes called?

People often refer to the human genome as being comprised of 23 pairs of chromosomes. What are these pairs called? How do these pairs relate in regard to size, genes, and alleles? Make sure to... more


Pedigree question

What type of pedigree is it (autosomal dominant, x-linked dominant, autosomal recessive, or x-linked recessive)? Explain.


If a tan mouse lives in a hayfield, will it have the best chance of living and passing on its genes based on our experiment today?

 Field mice have either tan, black or white backs and are prey to hawks. We are learning about 'CRISPR' and genes


Calculating Penetrance

For one of my homework questions it states that the penetrance for cancer amongst males is 60% and 10 males in the family inherits the allele for cancer. How many of these 10 men are expected to... more
Genetics Biology


I just need help with the last part where it asks to "give an example of a cross" and to provide an explanation.

c.    What would happen if you crossed a heterozygous Parent 1 with a homozygous recessive Parent 2? Fill in the blanks below and do the Punnett square. Your key:       F = ____Smooth... more


Theoretic gentics

A person recieving a bone marrow transplant will have that DNA..the Donor's..What would happen if it were possible for the reciepient to have a child with the donor...giving birth to oneself..??


Punnett Squares

S= DOMINANTs= Recessiveeach square is 25%You don't have to solve them all but i'm trying to study from this, how would i go about solving it using a punnett square, one or two of the questions... more


How can I do a experimental design and data analysis by considering following data?

If I start my own lab and have been given open-ended funding from a generous donor to pursue advanced "-omics" approaches to completely understand the influence of environment on growth... more
Genetics Biology


How to correct SNP in gene

How do you correct SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) in vivo in mice? What technique could you use?Thanks!
Genetics Biology


Genetics problem regarding linked genes

hello! i would just want to ask, in a 3 linked genes what would be its resulting genotypic and phenotypic ratio? B= body color (wildtype is brown, mutant is gray), W= wing size (wildtype is winged,... more


Find the probability if a couple to have 3 children that will be unaffected by Tay-Sachs disease

what is the probability that if the couple has three children, none of them will be affected by the syndrome. refer to the attached picture and show solution.is it 107/144? can you verify my... more


Biology Chromosomes and Genetics

Explain why genetic variation is being provided in the gametes produced in crossing over of homologous chromosomes and homologous pairs of chromosomes
Genetics Biology


What are the different types of genetic mutations? Please define each.

Genetics Biology


What is the function of ligase?



Consider island C in 1980 with the following phenotypic frequencies....conduct chi-square analysis

Consider island C in 1980 with the following phenotypic frequencies for (long)= 315 (medium) = 200 (short) = 36.Conduct chi-square analysis. I'm not sure how to calculate the Chi-square value. How... more


Consider island C in 1980 with 546 adults. If the frequency of the black allele (f(y)) is 0.12, assume Hardy-Weinberg conditions and estimate the frequency of heterozygotes in this island population?

Options(A) 0.0<f(Yy)<0.2(B) 0.2< f(Yy) <0.4(C) 0.4< f(Yy) <0.6(D) 0.6< f(Yy) <0.8(E) 0.8< f(Yy) <1.0I think the answer is B, but I'm not sure.
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If an exercise asks for the number of informational rna nucleotides, does stop, nonsence codone (3 nucleotides) count?

For example, if we have 300 amino acid in protein, do we count nucleotides of rna like 300×3+3 or just 300×3 and why so?? I dont get it, cause nonsence triplet is also a part of rna right?
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If migration rates are high, then ____________________________________.

I think the answer is C, but I am not sure. I think dependent because migration and mutations allele frequency will be affected in multiple populations. A) different alleles will become fixed in... more
Genetics Science Biology


What does it mean if something is stochastic?

I think the answer is C because if you have a bunch of data you can find the avg. and potentially predict what may happen next. So maybe you can predict the probability of a mutation in a... more
Genetics Science Biology


Which of the following statements is true about the equilibrium frequency?

Hi, I think the answer is C because when the mutations even out, they ,maybe will become fixed. I'm not sure though because I know hardy Weinberg equilibrium occurs when there are no mutations.... more

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