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Fractions Sat Math


Solve: x + 115 = 7


slope Y intercept graph with a fraction

I have the problem Y=3/2x+3 I know 3 is my y intercept and 3/2 is my slope but Im confused on how i would graph it


What is 2 3/8 - 3/4=



how many 1/2 are in 4

Fractions Math Maths Ratios


Hannah was working on her homework and completed 1/5 of a worksheet in 1/4 of an hour.

How much of the worksheet will she have completed in one hour? How much time will it take her to complete one worksheet?
Fractions Prealgebra


6= t/5 what is the solution for t.


7/8=1/4 + p what does p=



Word problem involving the least common multiple of 2 numbers

Boris and Jane walk around a track. Boris walks each lap in 12 minutes. Jane walks each lap in 8 minutes. The two of them begin at the starting line at the same time. They walk until they meet... more


rearranging equation algebraically: I COULD NOT DO IT any help

as shown in the image below there is an equation that I want to rearrange it so that the R1 in the denominator is removed from the denominator without changing the ratio on the right side... more
Fractions Math


you will serve 120 hamburgers with ketchup at a team cookout. A serving of ketchup is 1/16 of a cup. how much ketchup will be needed for 120 hamburgers?

A. how much ketchup will be needed for 120 hamburgers?B. a bottle of ketchup contains 2 1/2 cups. How many bottles will be needed?
Fractions Division


One half of an apple pie is left for 5 family members to share equally. What fraction of the original pie will each member get?

there is only one half of the pie left
Fractions Math Probability Cards


1. You draw one card from a deck of 52.

b. What is the probability of drawing a heart if you know that you have drawn a     red card?c. What is the probability of drawing a heart if you know that you have a face     card?d. What is the... more


problem solving

In plaza, 1/6 of the students are fifth graders, 1/3 are fourth graders, and 1/4of the remaining students are second graders. If there are 96 students in theplaza, how many second graders are there?


problem solving

1/9 of the shirts sold at Anne's shop are striped. 5/8 of the remainder areprinted. The rest of the shirts are plain colored shirts. If Anne's shop has 81 plaincolored shirts, there are more... more


problem solving

Gabriel and Michael brought an equal amount of money for shopping.Gabriel spent P4750 and Michael spent P17500. Michael’s remaining money is4/7 of what Gabriel had left. How much money was left to... more
Fractions Math Ratios Mathematics


Given that 16 watermelons cost $48, which of these are equivalent ratios of number of watermelons to cost in dollars? Select all the correct answers. 3:9 16:48 48:16 1:3 3:1

3:9 16:48 48:16 1:3 3:1 Which of these are matching? (TIP) There is more than one answer!


Haines debate team

The Haines Debate Team had 40 members. Of those, 2/5 were 6th graders. After the first quarter, 20 new members joined the team, but 6th graders still made up 2/5 of the total members. How many new... more



Lira has flowers. 2/9 of them are roses, 3/7 of the remainders are sunflowers and the rest are tulips. if she has 36 tulips, how many sunflowers and roses does she have altogether?


What is the multiples of 2/6



Which fraction is equivalent to negative 7 over 8?

Fractions Math


10 2/3 divided by 4/9 + 5

1 3 4 5 6 7 58

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