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Properties of exponents. Simplify, your answer should contain only positive exponents.

1) 2m^2 ⋅ 2m^32) m^4 ⋅ 2m^−3 3) 4r^−3 ⋅ 2r^24) 4n^4 ⋅ 2n^−3 5) 2k^4 ⋅ 4k 6) 2x^3y^−3 ⋅ 2x^−1y^3 7) 2y^2 ⋅ 3x 8) 4v^3 ⋅ vu^2 9) 4a^3b^2 ⋅ 3a^−4b^−3 10) x^2y^−4 ⋅ x^3y^2 11) (x^2)^012) (2x^2)^−4 13)... more


Please Help!! - Logarithims

If logx2.5=p and logx5=q, find expressions in the terms of p and q for a) logx2.5b) log25Thank you so much for your help!!
Expressions Algebra


One number is 3 more than another. The sum of the numbers is 17. Find the numbers.

One number is 3 more than another. The sum of the numbers is 17. Find the numbers.
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Evaluate the expression: 32^-3/5

Expressions Equation Simplify


Simplifying Expressions

How would I go about simplifying this? t2 - 5t + 6 / t2 - 49 / t2 -4t + 4 / t2 + 7t
Expressions Math Mathematics


Which expression is not equivalent to -4x^3+x^2-6x+8

a. -4x^3+(x-2)(x-4)b.-4(x^3-2)+x(x-6)c. x(-4x^2-x+6)+8d. x^2(-4x+1)-2(3x-4)
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Simplify the expression...

Simplify the expression. Express the answer in scientific notation. (2.1 × 104) + (7.4 × 106)
Expressions Math Simplify Mathematics


Simplify the expression...

Simplify the expression. Express the answer in scientific notation. (4.5 × 104) + (1.75 × 104)


Which expression is equivalent to -5(y - 3)

5y - 3-5y + 15-5y - 3-5y - 15


Form a Polynomial f(x) with real coefficients

hi! please solve this for me(: Form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficients having the given degree and zeros.Degree 4; zeros 5+4i , 3 multiplicity 2Answer: f(x)= a ( ) ???
Expressions Algebra 1


What is 7/10 of d minus 1 times d?

Expressions Algebra 2


Write an expression

Write an expression to represent the following situation: Harry goes to buy a pair of jeans normally priced at $140, but now they are part of a 35% off sale and he forgot about the 9% sales tax.
Expressions Algebra 1


Write an expression

Write an expression to represent the following situation: Jenny goes to buy a new bike that normally cost $450, but is now part of a 30% sale. She also has a coupon for 15% off and there is a 6.5%... more
Expressions Algebra


the sum of 14 twice a number

Expressions Algebra 1


Quotient of nine times a number and seven

Expressions Reading Phrases Usage


Another way to say "it never hurts"?

It **wouldn't hurt** you to be a bit more serious.*Wouldn't/won't/never hurts* make perfect sense in this example. I'm wondering if there's any alternative way to preserve the meaning of this... more
Expressions Reading Idioms Meaning


What is the meaning of "I believe you're up"?

My question is very simple. I just would like to know what do they mean by: "I believe you're up"I've heard this expression in a movie and here is the script:- I already met your dad. He loves me.-... more
Expressions Algebra 2


Which gives the weight of Brand A coffee in the mix

The expression below describes a coffee mix, where x represents the price per pound of Brand A and y represents the price per pound of Brand B. 2x + 0.5yWhich gives the weight (in pounds) of Brand... more
Expressions French Locutions


French equivalent of "just in case"?

I'd like to know how a French speaker might express this, especially when nothing specific follows it, e.g.> One of these things is usually enough, but I've bought a second one, just in... more
Expressions French Anglais


French for 'blood will tell'?

In English there is a (not very nice) saying 'blood will tell'; that means something to the effect of> If your ancestors had bad qualities (e.g. Bad personality) then you will probably also... more
Expressions Esl/esol Speech Phrases


Is there a phrase, word or saying when one 'has the thought or feeling of causing hurt of mischief" despite never dreaming of acting on it?

For example I was assisting my sister in photographing a wedding. We were taking pictures as the bride was getting ready and I noticed a ketchup bottle on the kitchen table and the following popped... more
Expressions Esl/esol Speech Formality


you wouldn't know it to see it vs "you wouldn't recognize it to see it"?

Is it more correct to say, "you wouldn't know it to see it" or "you wouldn't recognize it to see"? I have tried looking both up on google, and only the first return's actual usage. Also, the... more

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