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Como se sienten Gloria

¿Qué personajes van a interpretar en la obra?

Which of the following is MOST useful when you have students who have problems with listening texts?

Pre-teach potentially difficult vocabulary. Play the listening extract as many as needed for all students to understand. Avoid listening texts and work on other skills instead. Play the listening... more


Which of the sentences is NOT written using the active voice?

Holst composed The Planets. Murder on the Orient Express was written by Agatha Christie. Galileo invented the telescope. Columbus landed in North America.
Esl English


Which of the following is NOT a usage of the passive voice?

a. To put the focus of the sentence on the performer of the action.b. When the performer of the action is not known.c. When the performer of the action is not important.d. When we don't want to say... more


What are some tricks tutors use to get students who are bored or unmotivated to learn English?

Some students tend to become bored and/or unmotivated while having to learn a new language, how can a tutor help them?


Si mi lengua materna es el español (u otra diferente al inglés), debería hablar en inglés a mis hijos para que progresen más rápido en inglés como segunda lengua?

If my mother tongue is Spanish (or another language other than English), should I speak to my children in English so that they progress faster in ESL?


Historical vs. Historic

How do we use the words "historical" and "historic" correctly? How are these words used differently?


How will you reach your academic goals?

It's important to set goals in reading, literature, writing, history, and ESL. This will help you plan for improvement.


In what ways do you learn the best?

I am wondering how you, as a student, learn the most effectively? For example, some students are able to read and write down notes, while others need an audio aid (videos, music, etc.) to help them... more

What is the best way a parent can use You Tube to teach vocabulary?

There are a lot of videos in You Tube to teach vocabulary. But, what is the best way to use these videos?

Where are the jobs?

I am writing because for the last week or so my jobs dashboard has come up empty. What should I do to have more jobs appear? Thanks!

How do you ask for a favor in English?

What are the common ways to ask for a favor?
Esl Language


Do you think watching TV shows helps develop your language skills?

Does watching a TV show in a foreign language help you learn the language?


Why is it difficult to understand a foreign language when it is spoken?

Why is it that students can excell in grammar, reading and writing a foreign language (such as English) and then have such a hard time when they are trying to understand it spoken?

need help with my work

Explain when you SHOULD NOT try to stop a conflict that you’re not directly involved in (could be other students, friends, strangers/bullying, arguments, violence). Okay I get the question it being... more


need help with esl

Create a holiday. Who or what would you celebrate or honor and why?Describe your holiday and share the information in Google SlidesOR2-3 paragraphs in a Google Doc.This was my question But I have... more

How can I help a struggling early reader at HOME?

Parents and caregivers, if you are reading this message you have reached desperation when it comes to supporting your Struggling Reader. It will be okay, I promise!I am a special educator, trained... more


are there restrictions on the nationalities of tutors

Can Canadian citizens apply to tutor?

Is my paraphrasing good?

The original sentence:According to international law, work is prohibited for children under the age of fifteen years, with the exception of “light work” that might be carried out by children aged... more

Why do people think that only kids can learn new accents?

Most people incorrectly think that only children are capable of learning new sounds. It's true that children are able to pick up new sounds more naturally, but adults have similar capabilities. The... more

Why do English spelling and pronunciation make no sense?

As a non-native (second language) learner, I find English pronunciation so very difficult.Also, learning to spell - well, it seems like there are no rules.I am very frustrated. Why does English... more

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