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Energy Physics


Physics (energy)

A boy pulls a rope attached to a 22 kg sled on an icy, frictionless surface with an acceleration of 2.0 m/s2. Calculate the work done by the boy if he is pulling the rope at 35° to the horizontal... more
Energy Physics


Physics Question

A roller coaster goes over a 15 m tall hill then approaches a 29 m hill. What is the minimum velocity the roller-coaster would need when going over the 15 m hill to make it to the top of the 29 m... more


A rectangular room of length 6 metres has six 18 W LED lights.

What is the maximum width of the room if the lamp power density requirement of 5W/m^2 (5 Watts per metre squared) is to be met?


Conservation of Energy

The potential energy function of a conservative force acting on an object is given by the expressionU=y-2x2-2xwhere U is in joules and x, y, z are in meters. Consider the following two points in... more
Energy Physics


I know the standard formula, but how would I use it in this context?

The Sun generates energy at the rate of about 3.9 × 1026 W. Use Einstein’s equation to verify that the Sun loses mass at the rate of about 4 million tonnes per second.


Physics Energy Question

A ray of light strikes a side of lucite ( = 1.50) prism at 40° as shown below. Find the angle that the light leaves the prism.The prism is a isosceles with a degree of 70 at the top.


Physics Energy Question

A 5.0 kg crate is pushed across a horizontal surface by a 60.0 N force directed 32°C below the horizontal. Determine the work done on the crate by this force after the crate moves 8.0 m.
Energy Physics


Physics Energy Question

A 12 Kg object starts at rest on a horizontal surface. The object is pushed along the surface with a net force of 8.0 N. What is the speed of the object after it has traveled 5.0 m?a) Solve using... more
Energy Physics


Pop-up Toy Physics Situation

Please help. An inventor has created a spring-loaded toy that pops up off the table when compressed and released. The toy consists of two connected parts by a stiff spring as shown, with one of the... more
Energy Math Physics Work


You are pushing a large box across a frictionless.....(IN THE DESCRIPTION)

You are pushing a large box across a frictionless floor by applying a constant horizontal force. If the box starts at rest, you have to do work W_1 in order for the box to travel a distance d in... more
Energy Math Physics Work


Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend,...... (IN THE DESCRIPTION)

Your physics book is resting in front of you on a horizontal table in the campus library. You push the book over to your friend, who is seated at the other side of the table, 0.400 m m north and... more
Energy Chemistry Heat


Which of the following are identical amounts of energy?

1kJ and 1 kcal1kJ and 239 cal1kJ and 1 Cal4.184 J and 1 kcal


how does pressure relate to elastic potential energy?

Energy Science


What is the equation for energy?

I guess I’m looking for the mathematical equation


Average Kinetic Energy of 2 Objects

If I had 2 objects of equal mass ( 10kg for example ), and knew that the average speed of the 2 objects was 8 ms-1 , is it possible to calculate the average kinetic energy of the 2 objects. I... more
Energy Physics Work


A jet of mass 4,277 kg lands on an airstrip, stopping after a distance of 727 m and has an initial landing speed of 29 m/s.

What is the work done, in Joules, by non-conservative forces to stop the jet?


How high can a hike climb with the energy from a candy bar?

A candy bar label says it has 240 Calories (240,000 calories). Typical efficiency of energy conversion for a human is 25%. If a 68kg person were to use the energy in the candy bar to climb a... more
Energy Physics


Physics- Work/ Energy

Michael uses his bike to apply 407 N to himself and the bike by pedaling as he approaches a 1.5 m tall ramp which is 7.4 m away. He starts from rest to accomplish this feat. How fast will he be... more


A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot

A projectile of mass 5.0 kg is shot horizontally with an initial speed of 17 m/s from a height of 25.0 m above a flat desert surface. For the instant before the projectile hits the surface,... more
Energy Work


What is the answer?

1. a worker pushes in 50.0 kg box on a level floor at constamt velocity and moves a distance of 10.0 m. If a person pushes it with a force of 850N, what must be the magnitude and the direction of... more

What does “energy transfer in cells” mean?

ADP and ATP are involved in energy transfer in cells. I know what is ATP and I know how ADP is formed, but I don’t understand what “energy transfer in cells” means.


Why alpha particles inestead of hydrogen or duetereum?

I know atoms undergoing alpha decay emit alpha particles, but I was wondering why specifically helium nuclei? If these atoms wanted to emit the smallest unit of matter (I'm talking about hadrons... more

Does endo- and (or) exocytosis require energy? Do they belong to active / passive transport?

I expect vesicle formation and fusion to require energy input; however, I'm not sure about which of endocytosis and exocytosis require energy and how they use the energy input.Do they belong to... more


How do I describe and calculate the effect of an impacting object?

My lab studies the physiology of impact injury on biological tissues. I use a pneumatic cylinder to impart injury into a biological sample and then assess the molecular and physiological changes in... more


Effects of Modafinil?

As someone who suffers from chronic insomnia and often has to get things done during the day without much or any sleep at all, I would like to know from those experienced what the effects are of... more

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