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Finding "Mystery Elements" by using the isotope format

I am really confused on numbers 3 and 4 of the chart because of their use of charges. I think number three is Titanium and four is Chlorine, but cannot figure out the electrons or neutrons. Enter... more

Figuring out Intermolecular Forces?

I believe the answer for the first question is hydrogen bonding, but I am not sure about the other ones.What is the strongest type of intermolecular force in each of the following... more

Chemistry Resonance Question?

I am a bit confused, and the only one I am pretty sure has resonance is CNS-.Which of the following compounds/ions exhibit resonance? Select "yes" or "no" for each... more

Shapes of Molecules?

This an online assignment I have gotten wrong twice. Help is appreciated, thanks!What is the shape of each molecule below? Select the correct answer. Answers can be used more than... more

Trigonal Bipyramids? Confused.

Which of the following compounds exhibit trigonal bipyramidal electron geometry? Select true if the molecule exhibits trigonal bipyramidal electron geometry. Otherwise, select false. IF5 SF6 KrCl2... more

Following Octet Rule? How do you know when it is impossible??

Draw Lewis structures for the following compounds/ions. In which of the compounds/ions listed is the octet rule (or the duet rule for hydrogen) impossible to satisfy for all atoms in the formula?... more

Electron Pair Arrangements?

Select the following molecular structures which can arise from a tetrahedral electron pair arrangement.Select all that are true. trigonal planar T-shaped trigonal pyramid octahedral square planar

Stoichometry Chemistry Question About Concentration Ions

You react 100.0 mL of 0.100 M lead(II) nitrate with 200.0 mL of 0.250 M potassium iodide. What is the concentration of I− ions left in solution after the reaction is... more

Help! Chemistry Stoichiometry Question

I figured out how to balance this equation, and I think I figured out the answer to question number 1 for mass (I got 33.2 g of sodium carbonate), but how do you find the ions that are not... more

Finding Grams of Complete Reaction

I found the balanced equation : 4C + S8 = 4CS2, but I am confused about how to find the grams.Any help is greatly appreciated!Consider the following unbalanced reaction: C(s) + S8(s) → CS2(l) How... more

Help! Strange Question about empirical formulas and naming

An oxide of iron is found to be 77.75% iron by mass. Determine the empirical formula for this compound and name it.Enter the formula with correct capitalization and subscripts (so "H2O" for H2O).... more

Finding Pressure (in atm) when volume is reduced

A gas at 379 K occupies 6.16 L at a pressure of 0.510 atm. What will its pressure (in atm) be at 250. K if its volume is reduced to 4.50 L? 

A stock solution of HNO3 is prepared and found to contain 12.0 M of HNO3.

If 25.0 mL of the stock solution is diluted to a final volume of 0.500 L, the concentration of the diluted solution is ________ M. 1.67 240 0.600 600 0.240

Chemistry Question

Consider the neutralization reaction 2HNO3 (aq)+Ba(OH)2 (aq)------>2H2O(l)+Ba(NO3)2(aq). A 0.115-L sample of an unknown HNO3 solution required 41.9 mL of 0.150 M Ba(OH)2 for complete... more

What is the enthalpy of the reaction as written?

When 0.690 g of sodium metal is added to an excess of hydrochloric acid, 7170 J of heat are produced. What is the enthalpy of the reaction as written?

How may calories are there per gram of candy?

A researcher studying the nutritional value of a new candy places a 5.20 g sample of the candy inside a bomb calorimeter and combusts it in excess oxygen. The observed temperature increase is ... more

Calculate the boiling point of a 8.25 m aqueous solution of ethanol.

I originally attempted to solve this problem (as shown below), but it is not right. How can I correctly calculate the boiling point?My attempt:The normal boiling point for ethanol is 78.4° C and... more

Chemistry homework help

Write a balanced metathesis equation for the reaction which takes place when the two solutions described below are combined and then determine the amount of solid product produced. 250.0 ml of... more

What would be the osmotic pressure of 500. ml of a 0.100 M K3PO4 solution

the problem doesn’t provide temperature, should i use 273k?

How many dg (decigrams) are in 8270kg?

the answer needs to be in scientific notation.

Calcium 44 emits a beta particle, what element results?

Need to show the equation to solve this proble.

Nobelium 102 emits a ganna Ray,what element results

Need to show the equation used to figu this problem out.

Blackberries cost $0.0812/g how much does 1.0oz cost in cents?


How do I solve 32.874+107.1?

The answer needs to be in the correct significant figure.
1 3 4 5 6

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