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AP chem question

How many moles of magnesium oxide are produced by the reaction of 3.82 g of magnesium nitride with 7.73g of water?Mg3N2 + 3H2O -> 2NH3 + 3MgOa) 0.114b) 0.0378c) 0.429d) 0.0756e) 4.57can someone... more


Prove that the enthalpy change of formation is equal to the total change reaction using carbon dioxide.C2H5OH + O2 ------> CO2 + H2OC2H5OH ------- ΔH= -278KJ O2 ------- ΔH= 0 ... more

From the following formula of hydrophilic ointment solve for the quantities of each ingredient needed to prepare 5 lb (Avoir) of the ointment. Note: 1 lb = 454 g (avoir)

Methylparaben 0.25 gPropylparaben 0.15 gSodium lauryl sulfate 10 gPropylene glycol 120 gStearyl alcohol 250 gWhite Petrolatum 250 gPurified Water, add 1000 ga) Use Ratio & Proportion for... more

What is the following signa to English?

"gtt ii a.s. stat, gtt 1 q 6 prn pain".

How to translate this signa?

tab i SL p.c. x 2 wk. for HTN

The signa of a prescription is "2 tab qid for 1 month" the patient bought 80 tablets and comes back after 15 days.

Solve for the percent compliance rate and answer up to the 2nd decimal place.

Find the electronegativity difference

What is the electronegativity difference of CH3OH?Carbon=2.5 Hydrogen=2.1 Oxygen=3.5a. 1.1b. 5c. 0.9d. none of the above

Find the molarity of this solution.

In 20.0 degree Celsius, a 0.258 m aqueous solution of C6H12O6 (glucose) has a density of 1.017 g/mL. Find the molarity of this solution.


AP chem question

A solution of 100.0 mL of 0.200 M KOH mixed with a solution of 200.0 ml of 0.150M NiSo4.a) Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction that occursb) What precipitate forms?c) What is the... more


chem question (redox)

How many electrons are being transferred in the reaction below when the reaction is balanced?(Cr2O4)^-2 + Cl^-3 -> Cr + Cl2
Chem Chemistry


Chemistry Question PLEASEEE help

A student decides to find the molar enthalpy for the reaction between phosphoric acid and calcium hydroxide. They have a 0.250 M solution of Ca(OH)2, which they will use; they can only find a 2.1 M... more


ap chem question

For each of the following write the blanched, net ionic reaction.a) Solid zinc hydroxide is sprinkled into a solution of iron (III) acetateb) A solution of cesium chloride has bromine liquid... more

Ibuprofen (C13H18O2) is an analgesic (painkiller). What is the molar mass of ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen (C13H18O2) is an analgesic (painkiller). What is the molar mass of ibuprofen? 

What is the mass of 1 mole of barium sulfate (BaSO4) use to take X rays of the gastrointestinal tract?

What is the mass of 1 mole of barium sulfate (BaSO4) use to take X rays of the gastrointestinal tract? a. 64 g b. 185.33 g c. 233.33 g d. 169.33 g

A sample of gold contains 7.02 x 1024 atoms. How many moles of gold are there?

A sample of gold contains 7.02 x 1024 atoms. How many moles of gold are there? a. 11.7 x 1023 moles b. 7.02 moles c. 6.022 x 1023 moles d. 11.7 moles

Chemistry Help... N2 + 3 H2 produces 2 NH3

How many moles of ammonia are produced when 2.5 moles of hydrogen (H2) react? How many moles of nitrogen (N2) are needed to react when 2.5 moles of hydrogen react?How many grams of ammonia are... more

Balance the following chemical equation. Use coefficients in front the reactants or products that need to be balanced. If the coefficient is one, write the number "1"

_________________ MgCl2 + _________________ K → _________________ KCl + _________________ Mg

Balance the following chemical equation.

Q1 _______________ NaN3 → _______________ Na + _______________ N2Q2_______________ N2H4 + _______________ Cl2 → _______________ N2 +  _______________ HCl

Balance the following chemical reaction:

 _______________ Fe2O3 + _______________ C → _______________ Fe + _______________ CO2_______________ Li + _______________ N2 → _______________ Li3N

Match is statement with the correct option: oxidation or reduction

The loss of electrons is _________________.The gain of electrons is _______________.Addition of oxygens is _______________.Removal of oxygens is _________________.Addition of hydrogens is... more

I really need help with this question please and thank you!

When 1.00-gram sample of baking soda is heated, a gas is formed. The solid that remains weighs less than 1.00 g and does not have the same properties as the original sample. Is the baking soda an... more

Classify as mixture or pure substance

Classify as mixture or pure substanceA. Gasoline B. Oxygen gas C. Milk D. Mercury (Hg) used in a thermometer E. A tablespoon of sugar (C12H22O11)

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