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Asymptotes of functions .Help me please!

The equation of the oblique asymptote is y=kx+b. I have a function f(x)=(x^2+4)/sqr(x^2-4). I get  the b infinite. Am I right or not? I am stuck in this. And I dont know how to wirte the equation. 


Is it true that max(|f(x)|^2)=(max|f(x)|)^2? Where f:[a,b]?C and f is continuous.

Is it true that max(|f(x)|2)=(max|f(x)|)2? Where f:[a,b]→C and f is continuous.


Two numbers, x and y, add up to 10. What is the largest their product could be?

I don't know how to do this problem, help.


Could someone guide me in the right direction of solving this problem? The problem is: tan^-1(4x^2y)=x+2xy^2

I'm having trouble solving this problem.


Find F'(t) given F(t) = sin^-1(x) * (sqrt(sin(t)))

i dont understand this at all!! help me with this asap!!


Find dy/dx for the given function: y = 3csc(5x) - e^(1-x^2) + 3^x

csc = cosecant confusing!!


linear approximation and derivative help

A right circular cone of height h and base radius r has total surface area S consisting of its base area plus its side area, leading to the formula: S= pi*r^2+pi*r*sqrt(r^2+h^2)Suppose you start... more


If f is a continuous function, what is the limit as h approaches 0 of the average value of f on the interval [x; x + h]

 If f is a continuous function, what is the limit as h approaches 0 of the average value of f on the interval [x; x + h] 


Find where function is discontinuous

Find where the function f(x)= (X+2) / x2-4 is discontinuous. Classify the discontinuities as removable or non-removable.


What happens to a line/curve from a flat map to a spherical map?

The scenario starts from the Earth (assumed as a sphere with radius r). The sphere is turned into a square map (cartography) and now I measure a curve on that map (gaining a polynomial function to... more


Given that f'(x)=lnx evaluate the limit as h approaches 0 (f(2+h)-f(2))/h

Please explain how to do this 


derivative of x^cosx

i tried using ax(lna) and got xcosx(lnx) but I'm not sure if that's right or if I'm even done yet.


If h(x)=f(g(x))*g(x), then h'(1/2)= ?

If h(x)=f(g(x))*g(x), then h'(1/2)= ? Calculus, no calculator question.


Find the Taylor polynomials of degree 3 for f(x) = x^3 + 2x^2 + x - 2 about a = 1? Also explain the error in this polynominal

I have already found out the Taylor polynomial of degree 3   f(x) = x³ + 2x² + x − 2 ----> f(1) = 2 f'(x) = 3x² + 4x + 1 -------> f'(1) = 8 f''(x) = 6x + 4 --------------> f''(1) = 10... more


Let F(x) = -x^2+2x-3

Three part Question:( a ) Find the average rate of change of the graph of f between x=c and c+h. ( b ) Find the slope of the tangent line of the graph of f(x) at x=c by the definition. ( c )Find... more


Solve for X

Solve the following equation. If necessary, enter your answer as an expression involving natural logarithms or as a decimal approximation that is correct to at least four decimal... more


Find the inverse of the function

Find the inverse of the function of f(x)= LN(7-2x)     f^-1(x)= ????


Find the inverse of a function

Find the inverse of a function (if it exists) of h(x)= (x/2x+3)   h^-1(x)= ????


Domain of a function?

What is the domain of y= LN(x^2-3x-4)


Simplified formula for a function

if f(x)= e^6x      g(x)= 5x+3      h(x)= √x   Find a simplified formula for the function below:   f(g(x))h(x)


Estimate population as a function?

The population of a colony of rabbits grows exponentially. The colony begins with 5 rabbits; 5 years later there are 370 rabbits.   (a): Express the population of the colony of rabbits, P, as a... more


use integration by substitution to find the indefinite integral

use integration by substitution to find the indefinite integral   ∫(x2+2)(x-1)7 dx


Scura makes sun block and their annual revenues depend on how much they sell.

Let x be the quantity of 5 oz. bottles of sun block that they make and sell each year measured in 1000's of bottles. Thus if x=10 then they make and sell 10000 bottles of sun block each year. If... more


s(x) = (3x - 3/ 2x + 8)3

Calculate the derivative of the function.   (3x minus 3 divided by 2x plus 8) all to the power of 3

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