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Business Calculus


Hello if you could help me with this I would highly appreciate this!

When a bookstore sells a book at the price of P=12 per copy (in pounds), the monthly demand is Qd=700. When the book is sold at the price P=9, the monthly demand is Qd= 1000. Assuming linear... more
Business Statistics Statics


stat help probability

A room of people consists of 26 men and 29 women. If you randomly select a group of 5 people from this room, what is the probability that at most 4 of them are men?


Business Question: Nonprofit, Donor, and Sweatshop Issue

Hello, I need help in answering one question.Suppose that I have a nonprofit organization, with 75% of revenue going toward employees and 25% are donations. The largest donor (20%) wants to back... more


Management of Customers’ Wait Time

As with many other service offerings, JamCruise’s tour company passengers will be required to wait during all encounters. Identify FOUR (4) areas of the related encounters and detail meaningful... more

Accounting Question, Please Help

What does it mean when a company has a major expense? Like for example, "The major expense for Dollar Tree Inc. is called Cost of Goods Sold, which represents the cost of the goods Dollar Tree sold... more

Accounting Question Help

Please explain what the following statement means in detail if you can, thank you.The actual cost of assets or services is usually more reliable than market value.NOTE: Consider the conflict... more

Accounting Question Help - The statement of retained earnings

What does the beginning balance of retained earning indicate? And what does the following that is reported in the statement of retained earnings mean as well? The addition of net income or the... more

Accounting Question Help - Owner's Equity

Please help explain the following statement + provide an example if can, I would like a better explanation. Thanks,Owner's equity is the owner's remaining interest in the assets of the company... more
Business Math


Business math help

A merchant can buy apples at $0.61 per pound, but he knows that about 20% will spoil. If he needs a markup on cost of 51% for operating expenses, what should the apples sell for, per pound?
Business Business Ethics


Research an unethical issue featured in the online news. Report the unethical news by writing a report of 500 words.

Research an unethical issue featured in the online news. The unethical news must be featured in between 1/1/2017 to the present day. Report the unethical news by writing a report of 500 words.


Read the case carefully and explain the problem in the case and suggest your views in resolving the issue.

Case StudyAn HR Director asked us to help resolve conflict between the HR and Finance departments. While acknowledging that personality differences existed between the two Dept. Heads, the conflict... more
Business Math Finance


Complete the following by calculating the cash discount and net amount paid:

Gross amount of invoice (freight charge already included) - $7,000 Freight Charge - $100 Date of invoice - 4/8 Term of invoice - 2/10, n/60 Date of payment - 4/15 Cash discount - $_____ Net amount... more


Develop a new staff recruitment process -

You are employed as a supervisor at the local mail distribution centre. The centre wishes to develop a new staff recruitment and selection process, to be implemented within the next three months.... more


10 interview questions regarding organization’s Learning Approaches and Needs Assessment Practices.

what are 10 good interview questions regarding an organization’s Learning Approaches and Needs Assessment Practices.


What do you feel confident teaching someone else?


Please Help, question about dividends.

How do dividends affect a business as a whole? All I know is that dividends decrease retained earnings because it is net income that was not invested in the business.


What are the best ways to learn a foreign language?

What activities can I do to learn English quickly while having fun?


Writing an email

Assume that you are one of the sales managers for your company, and you are currently needing to purchase 13 cell phones for your outside sales representatives. You have briefly spoken with a cell... more


Business Writing?

List and describe the advantages and disadvantages of two (2) forms of electronic communications in the workplace. Now take it one step further and consider these same tools in a multi-generational... more

Technical Communications - blogs

Which is an appropriate strategy for using a workplace blog? A Use a professional tone. B Use an informal tone in internal blogs. C Treat internal blogs as personal communication.


In which month is it more unusual to have a day with a high temperature of 55°​? Explain.

A​ town's January high temperatures average 37°F with a standard deviation of 10°​, while in July the mean high temperature is 77° and the standard deviation is 10°. In which month is it more... more

Quantitative techniques

a) A manufacturing firm finds that the daily costs of producing x units of a product is given by:𝒄 = 𝟎. 𝟎𝟐𝟓𝒙2+ 𝟏𝟑𝒙 + 𝟏𝟎𝟎a. If each of the units is sold for Ksh 20, determine the minimum numbers... more


 In discussions of business and society, why is there a tendency to focus on large rather than small- or medium-sized firms?

 In discussions of business and society, why is there a tendency to focus on large rather than small- or medium-sized firms? Have the corporate ethics scandals of the early 2000s affected small-... more


business license

If my client lives in my state but wants me to work on their other property in another state, do I need to get a foreign license?
Business Math English History


Urgent Help, please! What are some Japanese customs that are influenced by geography, history, and religion?

What are some Japanese customs that are influenced by geography, history, and religion?

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