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What data does a sequencing chromatogram give??

For my lab we had to change the sequencing of Erv26 depending on our primer. We change the amino acid T69 from AAA to AUA. This is one of our figures but i am unsure how to interpret the data.


When proteins are not reduced, and insulin continues to bind to insulin receptors. Which of the following is most likely occurring?

Type 2 diabetes is characterized by an inability of the cell to correctly process the hormone insulin. Studies show that insulin continues to be produced by the pancreas, the amount of insulin... more


Why is ATP an important molecule in metabolism?

a. Its terminal phosphate group contains a strong covalent bond that does not contain much chemical energy b. Its hydrolysis provides an input of free energy for exergonic reactionsc. It provides... more


The major function of fermentation in our muscle cells is

A. to reduce NAD+ to NADHb. to generate lactic acid, which is later converted into fatty acid, which is a form of stored chemical energyc. not really known, and in fact it is believed fermentation... more


What process below would speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy?

A. Adding heatB. Adding a catalystC. Increasing the amounts of reactantsD. Increasing the entropyE. All of the above would speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy


Where, on the mRNA coding for such a protein, would the ER signal sequence likely be located?

A. The signal sequence is not part of the mRNA and is added separately by an enzyme.B.Immediately before the stop codon.C. Anywhere in the mRNA.D.Immediately after the start codon.


How can dissolved materials be moved from the outside to the inside of a cell when the inside concentration of the material is higher than the outside concentration?

a. Molecules can be moved into a cell against their concentration gradient if that transport is coupled with osmotic transport of water into the cell.b. Substances can be moved against a... more


Products of a nonspontaneous reactions have a higher potential energy than the reactants. Which of the following statements are true? Select all that apply.

Select all that applya. ATP hydrolysis is an endergonic reaction that provides energy to drive exergonic reactionsb. Energy for nonspontaneous reactions comes from energetic coupling between... more


why does ATP have high potential energy?

a. Four negative charges clustered together in the three phosphate groups raise the potential energy of the bonds.b. The repulsion between ribose and the phosphate groups raises the potential... more


Nucleotide structure question

https://quizlet.com/_69plfz (image is at the top)What is true of the picture above it is an RNA molecule it is a DNA molecule #1 is a purine #2 is a pyrimidine . the molecules 5' end is the... more


In what way(s) is artificial selection different from natural selection?

a. with artificial selection there does not need to be heritable variation but with natural selection there does need to be heritable variationb. with artificial selection humans are the selective... more


Saline hypertonic/hypotonic/isotonic question

A nurse attaches an IV to a patient that provides a saline solution that is 5% sodium chloride and 5% potassium phosphate and contains no other solutes. If the total solute concentration of a red... more


Which of the following atoms can participate in hydrogen bonds?

a. carbonb. oxygenc. nitrogend. b and ce. all of the above


Phospholipid Bilayer Question

Question: At the start of an experiment, a phospholipid-bilayer membrane that contains the glucose transporter (GLUT-1) but no other proteins separates a 1-liter solution of 1M NaCl (on the right)... more


If you disrupt all hydrogen bonds in a protein what level of structure will be preserved?

a. tertiaryb. secondaryc. primaryd. quaternarye. all of the above


What bonds must be destroyed for an RNA chain to be broken down into its monomeric nucleotides?

A. Phosphodiester bondsB. Covalent bondsC. Hydrogen bondsD. A and Be. A, B, and C


Cancer cells given vinblastine would be unable to _____.

undergo cytokinesis. extend lamellipodia to facilitate crawling. maintain a spherical nucleus. separate chromosomes during cell division. form microvilli.


Which pair of characteristics of RNA enables it to take on different shapes that allow it to bind to diverse substances in solution and to speed up chemical reactions?

Its capacity for forming hydrogen bonds and its hydrophilic nature. Its linear structure and repeating phosphodiester bonds. Its pentose sugars and phosphate groups. Its hydroxyl groups bound to... more


The stability of DNA is affected by the number of hydrogen bonds,

The stability of DNA is affected by the number of hydrogen bonds, with more bonds promoting more stability. The double-stranded DNA molecule you would expect to have the greatest stability would be... more


According to the Watson and Crick model for the structure of DNA

According to the Watson and Crick model for the structure of DNA, _____ are on the outside and _____ are on the inside of the double-stranded DNA molecule, and the two strands of DNA run ____ to... more


If one strand of DNA has a C attached to a sugar with a free 5’ phosphate group, the other strand will have a _____ attached to a sugar with a free _____ group.

C; 5’ phosphate.C; 3’ hydroxyl.G; 3’ hydroxyl.G; 3’ phosphate.G; 5’ phosphate.


In a fragment of DNA, the content of guanine is 30%. What is percentage of thymine in this DNA fragment?

70%20%30%40%There is not enough information provided to answer this question. 
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