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Antiderivative Calculus


Find f if f′(x)=12(x^3)+16x+7 and f(1)=−3.


How do I integrate 1000e^-.0415t - 250te^-.0415tdt?

Antiderivative Calculus


A stone is thrown straight up from the edge of a roof, 650 feet above the ground, at a speed of 12 feet per second.

A stone is thrown straight up from the edge of a roof, 650 feet above the ground, at a speed of 12 feet per second.A. Remembering that the acceleration due to gravity is -32 feet per second... more
Antiderivative Calculus


Consider the function f ( x ) whose second derivative is f ' ' ( x ) = 2 x + 2 sin ( x ) . If f ( 0 ) = 3 and f ' ( 0 ) = 3 , what is f ( 3 ) ?

Consider the function f(x) whose second derivative is f''(x)=2x+2sin(x). If f(0)=3 and f'(0)=3, what is f(3)? this is my... more
Antiderivative Calculus Trigonometry Integral


Trig Substitution Integration


Trigonometric Substitution Integration

Evaluate the Following:1.) ∫ (dx)/(x^2*(9-25x^2)^(1/2))
Antiderivative Math Calculus Anti Derivative


antiderivative of f(x) = 4x + sin x ?

Antiderivative Calculus Derivative Help


A car traveling 25 m/s begins to decelerate at a constant rate of 8 m/s^2

After how many seconds does the car come to a stop?How far will the car have traveled before stopping?
Antiderivative Calculus Derivative


Difficult Calculus Problem

As water flows through a tube of radius R = 13 cm, the velocity v of an individual water particle depends only on its distance r from the center of the tube. The particles at the walls of the tube... more
Antiderivative Calculus Derivative Integral


Find f '(x) and f(x).

f ''(x) = 36x,    f''(0) = 3,    f(0) = 2


Help me solve this calculus problem, Please.

Solve the initial value problem.dy/dx = sec^2 (3x), y(pi/4)=9y=?
Antiderivative Calculus Maths Integration


What is the antiderivative of sin^3(2x)cos(2x)dx

How would I solve the following: ∫sin3(2x)cos(2x)dxThank you so much!
Antiderivative Calculus Derivatives


how to turn this derivative word problem into an antiderivative word problem.

how can i turn this problem into an antiderivative word problem, need help please.   A ball is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 60m/s. After time t seconds, its height above... more
Antiderivative Calculus Initial Values


initial value problem

initial value problem dv/dt = 7/(1+t^2) +(sect)^2v(0)=3v=?


If f is a function such that f ' (x) = - f(x)

then ∫ x f(x) dx =


y = f(x) = √ x the line tangent to f(x) is at the point (4, 2). Find the equation of the tangent line.

According to the answer key, the equation is 1/4x+1  but I don't understand where the 1/4 is coming from. I thought the antiderivative of rootx would be (x^(3/2))/(3/2) which is ultimately x^(1/2).... more
Antiderivative Derivatives


find the function F that satisfies the following differential equations.

f'''(x)=4x, f''(0)=0, f'(0)=1, f(0)=3
Antiderivative Calculus 1


Calculus 1 help?

Consider the function f(x)  whose second derivative is f′′(x)=8x+5sin(x). If f(0)=2  and f′(0)=2  , what is f(x) ?



I need help answering this word problem...I need to find the function P(t) and I just can't remember the process whatsoever   "A company has its profit function P(t) defined since its inception... more
Antiderivative Calculus Integrals Integration


Indefinite Integral

Can someone help me solve for this indefinite integral?:   (u^2 + u)/(2u^3 + 3u^2 + 1)^(2/3)   Thank you!


Indefinite Integral

I need help solving a couple of indefinite integrals. It seems all of my homework problems have done the less complicated ones so I'm not sure how to due these ones:   First problem: (integral... more

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