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In their first football game hunter high defeated booker high by 21 points.

in their rematch hunter scored 14 more points than in game one, and again won by 21 points. the sum of booker high scores for the 2 games was 28 points. how many points did hunter score in game one?
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Math question: Exponential Equations using Logarithms

If someone may help me with this attached photo below, I'm having problems with this question and it's taking me a while to solve and I can't figure it out.
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The sum of two numbers is 10. The sum of their reciprocals is 5/12. What are the numbers?

I need help getting the answer. Please give me a simple and precise answer. Thank you. :)
Algebra Word Problem


Find the amount invested in the first, second, and third account

Mary invested a total of $36,000 in 3 different bank accounts. One account pays an annual interest rate of 3% the second account pays 4% annual interest and the third account pays 5% annual... more
Algebra Word Problem


How many musicians were in the band?

A military band was marching in formation. At first, the marchers formed a perfect square with an equal number of columns and rows, but then changed formation and became a rectangle with 5 more... more
Algebra Word Problem


You paid $600 for a new guitar. Your guitar costs $40 more than twice the cost of your friend's guitar. How much did your friend's guitar cost?

i need it in an algebraic eqaution


Algebra word problem help needed

The simple interest earned by a certain amount of money varies jointly as therate of interest and the time (in years) that the money is invested. If $140 isearned for the money invested at 7% for 5... more
Algebra Word Problem


a driver averaged 45 miles per hour and took 11 hours to travel between two cities. What is the distance between the two cities

i need help with this algebra homework question. it is modeling with liner equations 
Algebra Word Problem


adult tickets for the game cost $3.50 each and student tickets cost $1.50 each. A total of 250 tickets worth $505 were sold. How many student tickets were sold

This is a Algebra word problem. You can use a table to answer it and show all the steps
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The number of males is five more than three times the number of females. If the total number students 73 how many of each gender are in the classroom

 The number of males in the classroom is five more than three times the number of females. It’s a total of number of students is 73, how many of each gender are in the classroom? Solve algebraically
Algebra Word Problem


One leg of a right triangle is 3 inches more than twice the length of the other leg

One leg of a right triangle is 3 inches more than twice the length of the other leg. The hypotenuse is 9 inches more than the shorter leg. Find the lengths of all sides


Find three consecutive integers such that the sum of the first and the third is 57 less than 5 times the second.

It's a world problem-solving. You have to find the three consecutive integers
Algebra Word Problem



A cabin cruiser traveling with the current went 60 mi in 3 hrs. Against the current, it took 5 hrs to travel the same distance. Find the rate of the cabin cruiser in calm water and the rate of the... more
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What is the equation of a line that has a y-intercept of 2 and passes through the point (12,4)?

I need help with my algebra homework?
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7 less than a number is 4 more than a different number

Is it x-7=z+4
Algebra Word Problem


Can you help solve this

The difference if 3/8 a larger number and 10 times a smaller number is 5 find both numbers if the larger number is 48/5 more than 8 times the smaller number
Algebra Word Problem


The total cost of a sandwich, a glass of milk, and an apple is $3.50. (Other part of the question is down below)

The milk costs one and a half times as much as the apple. The sandwich costs $1.40 more than the apple. What's the price of each?
Algebra Word Problem


word problem

Lily invested a total of $51,000 in two accounts. One account pays 5.5% interest annually; the other pays 6.9% interest annually. At the end of the year, Lily earned a total interest of $2,847. How... more
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Word problem help

You poured some 10% alcohol solution and some 12% alcohol solution into a mixing container. Now you have 500 grams of 11.36% alcohol solution. How many grams of 10% solution and how many grams of... more
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Flying into the wind, an aircraft made an 1100km trip in 2hrs. Same aircraft can make the same trip in 1h 50 min if flown with the wind.

Find the speed of the aircraft. how do you find the speed and what equation would it be to represent going into the wind and with the wind? 
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The # of student tickets sold was equal to 3 times the # of adult tickets sold decreased by 56. Student tickets cost $3.50 and adults $5.

The total receipts were $2005. How many adult tickets were sold? I don't know how to write the equation for this. Pls help me solve this
Algebra Word Problem


In a certain​ year, two baseball players hit a total of 104 home runs. Player X hit 10 more home runs than player Y. How many home runs did each player​ hit?

In a certain year, two baseball players hit a total of 104 home runs. Player X hit 10 more home runs than player Y. How many home runs did each player hit?
Algebra Word Problem


full question below

A waitress sold 13 ribeye steak dinners and  26 grilled salmon dinners, totaling $597.19 on a particular day. Another day she sold  25 ribeye steak dinners and  13 grilled salmon dinners, totaling... more
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