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Alegebra Homework


f(x)=x+2; translation 2 units to the left

I need help answering the questions. I am struggling with this. Please help me.
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-46 decreased by the difference between -23 and -63

please help me find the solution but also learn how to put together a equation 
Alegebra Homework


Solve Consecutive Integer Problems

The addresses on the east side of Arthur Ave. are consecutive odd numbers. Two consecutive house numbers add up to 36. Find the addresses of these two houses.
Alegebra Homework


how do i figure out the x for 4x-1=4x+7

i do not know how to solve because they cancel out
Alegebra Homework


Distance rate time

Two high-speed ferries leave at the same time from a city to go to the same island. The first ferry, the Cat, travels at 3939 miles per hour. The second ferry, the Bird, travels at 2222 miles per... more
Alegebra Homework


i need help solving for the variable in the equation below with steps

37= -3+5(k+6)
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9.1 Practice - Solving with Radicals please provide help

6) x−1=√7−x
Alegebra Homework


Solve the given equation for x. Need help

4) The distanced needed for a car to stop, d, is directly proportional to the square of its rate of travel, r. Under certain driving conditions, a car traveling 60 mph needs 300 feet to stop. With... more
Alegebra Homework


Find an equation of the line passing through the points

Given the function 3x+4y=12  find the following a. X-intercept b. Y-intercept c. Slope     Find an equation of the line passing through the points (-2,6) and (4,1). Write the equation in... more
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Please help with margin of error

  I don't need the answer for #1 I got that one correct, but please help me with #2 and #3 thank you in advance   #1 .You conduct a survey and find that 422 students out of 813 would vote for... more
Alegebra Homework


The function f(x) = 3(b)^x is an exponential growth function. Which statement about the value of b is true?

because f(x) is exponential growth,b must be positive.   because f(x) is exponential growth, b must be between 0 and 1.   The function represents exponential growth because 3>1, so b can... more
Alegebra Homework


tickets to a concert cost $40 and $60 each if 30 tickets were bought for a sum of a $1560 find the number of tickets sold at the price of $40

find the number of tickets for $40 use the number as x
Alegebra Homework


Find an equation of the line containing the given pair of points. ​(−7​,−2​) and ​(−4​,−1​)

I want to be able to understand equation. please help me. 
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A party rental company has chairs and tables for rent. The total cost to rent 8 chairs and 3 tables is $38 . The total cost to rent 2 chairs and 5 tabl

Please explain in detail having trouble in this question
Alegebra Homework


4times orange juice than apple juice. Half as much pineapple than orange juice. Total of 28 ounces

4 time orange juice than apple juice.half as much pineapple juice than orange juice. Total of 28ounces
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Ratio story problem?

A water tank can be filled in 7 minutes and emptied in 9 minutes. If the drain is left open when the tank is being filled, how long does it take to fill the tank?
Alegebra Homework


Alegbra help read description

I need to break it down into 4 quarters and have the principal and the principal+compound interest   a. If Tyler deposits $2000 of the $3200 he has earned in an account that pays 8% interest... more
Alegebra Homework


what are the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 82 and the length of 21 feet longer than the width

dimensions 21 feet and 82


Express the relation as a table, as a graph, and as a mapping diagram {(0,0), (2,-4), (2,-2)}

Please help me out thank you 
Alegebra Homework


Every point (x,y) in the solution set of 5x+2y<10 is also in the solution set of ax+y<k, where a and k are constants

 I need help solving this problem, it will be helpful if someone can give me the answer to this word problem as soon as possible. 
Alegebra Homework


28x<7 solve for x

i need the answer 
Alegebra Homework


Word problem convert to equation

Lenny makes $55,000 with raise of $2,500 and Carl makes $62,000 with raise of $2,000. How many years will it take Lenny and Carl to make the same?

What is the exact area of the triangle?

An isosceles triangle has a perimeter of 28 inches. The height of the triangle (from the vertex connecting the two equal sides down to the base) is sq.rt.(98) inches. What is the exact area of the... more

jane leaves savanna on I-95 traveling north at an average speed of 39 miles per hour. two hours later, jake also leaves savannah

jane leaves savanna on I-95 traveling north at an average speed of 39 miles per hour. two hours later, jake also leaves savannah traveling north on i-95, but at an average speed of 52 miles per... more

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