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how do you do this <b>math</b> problem

write the equation of the line that is parallel to y=2x+3 and passes through (-6,0)

Please helpp, <b>math</b> unit test tomorrow!!!!

A commercial plane and a jet airliner are 7.5km from each other, at the same altitude. From an observation tower, the two aircraft are separated by an angle of 680. If the jetliner is 5.2km from... more

i need <b>math</b> help -v+12v

algebra 1 honors- combining like terms problems

<b>Math</b> Word Problem(Sq. In, Carpet Tiles)

A major convention center, whose floors are covered by square carpet tiles with side lengths of 9 inches laid out in a 48 by 96 array, held a wild conference over the weekend. A local cleaning... more


Some questions I really don't understand. Please help on as many as you can. Thank you.   1) Write an expression using exponents, and find the total area of a pair of squares given their side... more

Scale Drawings 7th grade <b>math</b>

Hello there, i am asking for help on a math problem that i dont fully understand. I am not asking for the answer of course, but i am asking for help on finding out the formula to this and the steps... more

i need help with my <b>math</b> problems

the bank offer a savings account that accrues simple interest annually based on an initial deposit of $500. if S(t) represents the money in the account at the end of t years and S(5)=575, white a... more

I need help on this <b>math</b> word problem!

A rectangular field is to be enclosed by 1000 m of fencing. What is the maximum area that can be enclosed? What dimensions will give a maximum area? What dimensions will produce an area of 9600 m2?

<b>Math</b> question bout angles help pleaseee

from her condominiums rooftop swimming pool lynn sees her boyfriend washing windows on another building she sees him at a 25 angle of elevation she also sees the bottom of the building at a 45... more

GRE General Test <b>Math</b> Practice Questions?

I am participating in the General Test next month. Can anyone please tell me of good source where I can get a lot of practice questions? Better if free! If anyone else is preparing as well, what... more

Key Train <b>Math</b> Level 7 Question

You received two receipts for servicing the company cars. In one, four quarts of oil and 40 gallons of gas cost $126.80. On the other, six quarts of oil and 52 gallons of gas cost $166.28. What is... more

<b>Math</b> Problem with Standard deviation and Expected Time

A survey was done on a group of people that asked the time, , it takes them to commute to work, rounded to the nearest 10 minutes. Use the probability distribution table below to answer Part 1-2.X... more


A group consists of five men and eight woman. size people are selected to attend a conference.a. in how many ways can six people be selected from this group of 13? b. in how many ways can size... more

greetings there are 2 <b>Math</b> word problem questions

.Andrei wants to fill a glass tank with marbles, and then fill the remaining space with water.W(n) modelsthe amount of water Andrei uses (in litres) if he uses n marbles:W(n)=32-0.05n1.What is the... more


<b>maths</b>&#x2F;physics question below, please answer

Need help answering P2, i know the answer to part 1. Im unsure how I work out P2.    A car of mass 1.5 tonnes is driving up a hill, the hill makes an angle of 10 degrees to thehorizontal, at a... more

Goal for 20min. presentation at <b>math</b> conference?

I've been invited to give a 20 minute talk at a mathematics conference in a couple months. The audience members all work in my field, so they will be familiar with most of the terminology and... more


What is meant by the phrase <b>Math</b> study is sequential?

What is sequential learning?

Need Help With High School Probability <b>Math</b>!

The table below shows the students in an Algebra class.  Own a Graphing Calculator Does Not Own a graphing calculator Total Girls 12 6 18 Boys 5 7 12 Total 17 13 30  What is the... more

Question 29 <b>Math</b> Question need help with

if the cost to mail a letter is 49 cents for mail weighing up to one ounce and 27 cents for each additional ounce or a fraction of an ounce, find the cost of mailing a letter that weighs 88 grams.

Help me with my <b>math</b> question pls

Jose can sweep 1/2 of a square yard in 2/3 of an hour. What is his speed in terms of square yards per hour?

what does varies indirectly mean in <b>math</b>?

I just need to know and these websites wont tell

Finite <b>math</b> problem about finding values

Given that 2 sheep, 3 dogs, 6 hens, and 3 rabbits cost 883 coins, 5 sheep, 2 dogs, 4 hens, and 4 rabbits cost 1286 coins, 3 sheep, 1 dog, 3 hens, and 5 rabbits cost 833 coins, 4 sheep, 5 dogs, 5... more

College <b>Math</b> Algbrea 2 Help please

completely factor the polynomial 7x^3+35x^2+7x+35=

Financial <b>maths</b> question, with method please thanks!

which is the better result at the end of 20 years? (i) An investment of $100000 at 12% per annum compounded monthly.        OR (ii) $1000 invested monthly at 12% per annum compounded monthly.

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