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Need some help solvin these <b>math</b> problems.

10) Solve the following inequality. Write the solution set using interval notation and graph the solution set on a number line: 3x-1>8 or 3x-4<-1   4) Determine whether each pair of lines... more


i need help with this <b>math</b> problem for class.

A salesman's salary is $9 per hour plus $250 in sales commission. His total weekly pay this week was $565. How many hours did the salesman work this week? Write an equation to model and solve the... more

Question 39 <b>Math</b> assistance needed please

two people are jogging around a circular track in the same direction. one person can go completely around the track in 33 minutes the second person takes 18 minutes. if they both start running in... more

<b>Math</b> question bout angles help pleaseee

from her condominiums rooftop swimming pool lynn sees her boyfriend washing windows on another building she sees him at a 25 angle of elevation she also sees the bottom of the building at a 45... more


Recreational <b>math</b> word problem with large exponents

Today is Wednesday.  Counting today, what day of the week will be 102009 days from today?

<b>math</b> question week 8 part 4

Explain how do you find the inverse of a point.For example, what is the inverse of (0,2) and (-6,0).


HELP, Please! <b>Math</b> :open ended explain

What is the surface area and volume of the sphere shown below?

<b>math</b> 31 calculus question. Need help!!!!

A light airplane flies north at 250 km/hr. At the same time, another airplane starts from an airport 140 km north of the first airplane and is travelling east at 300 km/hr. What is the closest... more

8th grade <b>math</b> problem 6

Use the two points to write a slope-intercept equation. Then, transform it into Standard Form. (1,4) and (-5,-9)

How to integrate this differential equation? Applied <b>Maths</b>

dN/dt = aN + bN2(Where N is variable, a and b are constants)N(0) = N0This is what Im supposed to get:N(t) = (aN0) / ((a-bN0)e-at+bN0)I tried completing the square and a lot of other ways and I just... more


the table shows the distribution, by age. of a random sample of 2940 moviegoers age 12-74 if one moviegoer is randomly selected from this population, find the probability, expressed as a simplified... more

Financial <b>maths</b> question, with method please thanks!

which is the better result at the end of 20 years? (i) An investment of $100000 at 12% per annum compounded monthly.        OR (ii) $1000 invested monthly at 12% per annum compounded monthly.

How do I solve this <b>math</b> question?

If x and y are rational numbers and (3+4 (sqrt(3)) (x+y (sqrt(3)) =26, find the sum of x and y.

SAT <b>Math</b> 2 -- Question involving Functions

Please help me understand the following question-- If f(2x) = x+5 and f(g(6)) = 13, then 2 * (g(6)) equals A) 6 B) 16 C) 32 D) 36 E) 64

I need help understanding this <b>math</b> problem

A cubic function has roots of -3, 1/2, 2, and a y-intercept of 6. Determine the function. Find the value of P(2).

<b>Maths</b>, circles, circumference, area, diameter and radius

Billy likes to go cycling. His bike has wheels of diameter 85 cm.He has invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.One day the counter shows 290... more

Need help with this <b>math</b> word problem and formula

3/4 of the students at school take the bus. of those, 5/8 live more than 5 miles away from school. what fraction of students take the bus AND live more than 5 miles from school?

PLease help trying to finish a <b>math</b> credit

Lisa, Tom, and Hans served a total of 71 orders Monday at the school cafeteria. Hans served 2 times as many orders as Lisa. Tom served 5 fewer orders than Lisa. How many orders did they each... more


I need help solving this <b>math</b> equation

The difference of a number and 7 is 8

Finite <b>math</b> problem about finding values

Given that 2 sheep, 3 dogs, 6 hens, and 3 rabbits cost 883 coins, 5 sheep, 2 dogs, 4 hens, and 4 rabbits cost 1286 coins, 3 sheep, 1 dog, 3 hens, and 5 rabbits cost 833 coins, 4 sheep, 5 dogs, 5... more

Help me with my <b>math</b> question pls

Jose can sweep 1/2 of a square yard in 2/3 of an hour. What is his speed in terms of square yards per hour?

Please helpp, <b>math</b> unit test tomorrow!!!!

A commercial plane and a jet airliner are 7.5km from each other, at the same altitude. From an observation tower, the two aircraft are separated by an angle of 680. If the jetliner is 5.2km from... more


2&#x2F;3 k = 8 <b>Math</b> question

2/3 k = 8 I don't understand how this is a question.

This is a <b>Math</b> Question!! calling all brainiacs lol!!!

If you bought 5 pens for a total of $3.25, how much did it cost you for 2 pens?!!!

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