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i need help on my <b>math</b> work

Crystal and Kim are selling pies for a school fundraiser.customers can buy blueberry pies and pumpkin pies. Crystal sold 10 blueberry pies and 8 pumpkin pies for a total of $196.Kim sold 12... more


Wedding Cake <b>Maths</b> Equation SURFACE AREA

A wedding cake has three tiers as indicated in the diagram below. Each tier is 10 cm high. The layers have radii 22 cm, 17 cm and 12 cm respectively. Find the total surface area of the cake,... more


<b>Math</b> please help me read description

The average number of points a basketball team scored for three games was 63 points. In the first two games they scored the same number of points which was 6 points more than they scored in the... more


Need help answering this <b>math</b> question please.

If Sam gives 7 baseball cards to Lee, Lee will then have five times as many cards as Sam. However, if Lee gives Sam 7 baseball cards, both will have the same number of cards. How many cards does... more


please help me solve this <b>math</b> problem!

the difference of two numbers is 8. five times the smaller number equals the greater number


I need help with translating english into <b>math</b>

The difference between 7 times y and one




Do the <b>math</b>, with appropriate significant figures: 1308000-2140=?

Can someone please help me solve this.


I need help to solve this <b>math</b> question.

14 times the difference between a number and 5 is equal to -98. Find the number.


7 th grade daughters <b>math</b> homework

The product of four numbers,A,B,C,D is a negative number.The table shows one combination of positive and negative signs of the four numbers that could produce a negative product.Complete the table... more


Please help me answer this <b>math</b> question

please help to solve: Phyllis read 4 pages of a storybook on the 1st day, she read 7 pages on the 2nd day, 10 pages on the 3rd day.if it took her 10 days to finish reading the storybook, how many... more


Make a base-ten <b>math</b> drawing for 101 - 8=


<b>math</b> help cant quite figure it out

1.     At the football game, 4 hotdogs and 2 sodas cost $8. The cost of 5 hotdogs and 3 drinks is $10.50. Determine the cost of a hotdog and the cost of a soda.

<b>Maths</b> question class 10(coordinates geometry)

The three vertices of a parallelogram ABCD taken in order are A(-3-4) B(-1, -3) and C(-6, 2). Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex D using distance formula


urgen <b>math</b> help finding perpendicular lines

Match the following linear equations to the given criteria.A.         B.      C.          D.             A line perpendicular to x = 2        [ Choose... more


<b>Math</b> problem and can’t figure it out

Ellen needed 3 3/4 cups of brown sugar to make a batch of 24 cookies. She also needed 1 2/3 cups of water. How much sugar and water will Ellen need to use to make 1 dozen cookies?


Real <b>math</b> word problem causing an argument.

If I spend $25.33 to have papers shredded for my fiancé, and my fiancé spends $31.98 on a back brace for me, how much money do I owe my fiancé to even us out? She says $6.65, while I say $3.325.... more


<b>math</b> questions I can&#x27;t solve

If the world consumption of electricity is 17.78 trillion kWatt-hours per year,how much electricity does the average person in the world use per year?


<b>math</b> question I can&#x27;t answer

 If there are 1.338 trillion barrels of oil in proven reserves and oil consumptionis 82.78 million barrels per day, what is the maximum number of years currentproven supply of oil runs out, if... more

HELP Plz help with <b>math</b> - completely lost

In triangle ABC, if ∠A = 120°, a = 8, and b = 3, then ∠B =


i need help on my <b>math</b> question

help me find an equation for the line perpendicular to the line x + 9y = 7 having the same y-intercept as 2x-2y = 4


hard <b>math</b> question help needed asap

Given a list of positive whole numbers whose sum is 100 how large can their product be?


how do u solve this <b>math</b> problem

A school is organizing a cookout where hotdogs will be served. The hotdogs come in small packs and large packs. Each small pack has 12 hotdogs and each large pack has 24 hotdogs. The school bought... more


Help please! I have a <b>math</b> question.

I need to solve sin(x+3pi)=1/2

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