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Question 39 <b>Math</b> assistance needed please

two people are jogging around a circular track in the same direction. one person can go completely around the track in 33 minutes the second person takes 18 minutes. if they both start running in... more

question 25 <b>Math</b> need help please

in a class of 50 students, 34 are democrats, 6 are business majors, and 4 of the business majors are democrats if one student is randomly selected from the class find the probability of choosing a... more

Question 29 <b>Math</b> Question need help with

if the cost to mail a letter is 49 cents for mail weighing up to one ounce and 27 cents for each additional ounce or a fraction of an ounce, find the cost of mailing a letter that weighs 88 grams.


Please help. I cannot do this <b>math</b>

Mr. Carr is driving 40 mph. How far can he go In 8 hours at that speed?

This is a recipe to make 20 biscuits? (<b>maths</b> question)

a recipe to make 20 biscuits; 12oz flour 6oz butter 4oz sugar 1oz cocoa Question 1- how many grams of butter do you need? *use 100g=4ozQuestion 2- how many ounces of sugar would you need to make... more


I need help with translating english into <b>math</b>

The difference between 7 times y and one


please help me solve this <b>math</b> problem!

the difference of two numbers is 8. five times the smaller number equals the greater number




I need help to solve this <b>math</b> question.

14 times the difference between a number and 5 is equal to -98. Find the number.


Do the <b>math</b>, with appropriate significant figures: 1308000-2140=?

Can someone please help me solve this.


<b>Math</b> 1350 Please help me solve this

​Joe's annual income has been increasing each year by the same dollar amount. The first year his income was $18, 200, and the 10th year his income was $28,100. in which year was his income... more

<b>Maths</b> olympiad, minimum possible number of points

Six players compete in a tournament. Each player plays exactly two games against every other player. In each game, the winning player earns 2 points and the losing player earns 0 points. If the... more


hard <b>math</b> question help needed asap

Given a list of positive whole numbers whose sum is 100 how large can their product be?


how do u solve this <b>math</b> problem

A school is organizing a cookout where hotdogs will be served. The hotdogs come in small packs and large packs. Each small pack has 12 hotdogs and each large pack has 24 hotdogs. The school bought... more

<b>Maths</b>, circles, circumference, area, diameter and radius

Billy likes to go cycling. His bike has wheels of diameter 85 cm.He has invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.One day the counter shows 290... more


8 groups of 5 <b>Math</b> Common core

Write a problem that can be solved by finding 8 groups of 5. Write a multiplication sentence to solve the problem. Then solve.


Algebra <b>math</b> problem i cannot get

One number is 7 less than 3 times the second number. Their sum is 29. Find the numbers.Let x be the second number. Write an equation and slove


<b>Math</b> question! I need this quick please!

A stock has a price of $68.54. This is $7.18 less than the price of the stock yesterday. Write and solve an equation to find the price p (in dollars) of the stock yesterday.

How to integrate this differential equation? Applied <b>Maths</b>

dN/dt = aN + bN2(Where N is variable, a and b are constants)N(0) = N0This is what Im supposed to get:N(t) = (aN0) / ((a-bN0)e-at+bN0)I tried completing the square and a lot of other ways and I just... more


Solving Inequalities - <b>Maths</b> IGCSE Grade 9

Question:Farmer Taylor is placing a fence around his field. He has 300 metres of fencing but this is not enough.a) Form an inequality in terms of xb) Solve the inequality to find the possible width... more


<b>Math</b>, please help i am confused

six times the difference of a number and 9 is 18

I can’t solve this <b>maths</b> question

Jim and Krutika win some money and share it in the ratio 7:1. Jim gets £66 more than Krutika. How much did Krutika get?

Help! <b>Math</b> problem! 7th grade!

A baker wants to make the very best bread, and he must add just the right amount of yeast by weight. he wants to make the following: Four batches that use 2 3/4 ounces, ten batches that use 4 2/3... more

The concept of Function (<b>maths</b>) in our lives and its purpose

Reflect on the concept of function. What concepts (only the names) does a person need to accommodate the concept of function in their mind? What is the simplest function one can imagine? In day to... more

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