what is Da-un-dah-qua? <b>MATH</b> expert please come in!! help!!!

1)In the game Da-un-da-qua, What are all the possible outcomes for one toss of the counters? 2) Which event you think is most likely? explain3) design a simulation of this games with one side black... more


How many Geometry questions are there on the <b>MATH</b> GED test?

Hello, I was just wondering about how many geometry questions people get on the test :) I haven't studied anything about geometry but studied most on the book and focused more on slopes, graphs,... more


Algebra 2 <b>math</b> word problem Help pls

On a particular day, the wind added 4 miles per hour to Jaime's rate when she was rowing with the wind and subtracted 4 miles per hour from her rate on her return trip. Jaime found that in the same... more

<b>Math</b> Word problem including equations - Algebra 1

Can I have help on this math question? Here it is (Haris was selling tickets for the school play. She sold 15 more adult tickets than children tickets and she sold three times as many senior... more

How do you work out this <b>math</b> problem?



How can you figure out This <b>math</b> problem?

17. Write an equation in slope intercept form (y=mx+ b), if it includes the point (-4, 10), with a slope of m= -3.

It about <b>math</b> i&#x27;m having a hard time

What is 52 (7-5)+2

Question 32 <b>Math</b> Question need Help please

A rectangular kitchen floor measures 20 feet by 17 feet. a stove on the floor has a rectangular base measuring 3 feet by 4 feet, and a refrigerator covers a rectangular area of the floor measuring... more

Question 26 <b>Math</b> question need help please!

The table shows the outcome of car accidents in a certain state for a recent year by whether or not the driver wore a seat belt. Wore Seat Belt No Seat Belt Total Diver Survived... more

<b>math</b> alegbra 9th grade ny regents

students were asked to write a formula for the length of a rectangle by using the formula for its perimeter, p=2l+2w.. three of their responses are shown below l= 1/2(p) -w 1/2(p-2w) p-2w/2... more


Can you please help with my <b>Math</b> question

A recipe includes 4 cups of flour and 2/3 of brown sugar. Write the ratio of the amount of flour to the amount of brown sugar as a fraction in simplest form.


<b>Math</b> please helppp been stuck on this for 4 days!

1.In the figure, AB¯¯¯¯¯∥CD¯¯¯¯¯andm∠3=130°.What is m∠6?2.In the figure,  AB¯¯¯¯¯∥CD¯¯¯¯¯andm∠1=120°.What is m∠5?3.What is the value of x?Triangle A B C with angle A labeled as x, angle B labeled... more

Financial <b>Math</b>: Bank Loan versus Cash Advance

Compare the cost of borrowing $4300 for six months (180 days) in the following two scenarios. How much will you save if you take out the bank loan as opposed to the cash advance? You take out the... more

need help!!! this <b>math</b> question is bumming me out

Write an equation (y = mx + b) for the line that passes through B(-1, 3) and is:a) parallel to the line y = -7/3(x) - 3b) perpendicular to the line y = -7/3(x) - 3

Advanced 6th grade <b>math</b> word problem

James’ Little brother has a plastic box in the shape of a rectangular prism. The plastic box is 9 1/2 inches long, 5 1/2 inches wide, and 3 inches high. James wants to know how many cubic shaped... more


I just had a question about a <b>math</b> problem.

Twice the sum of a number and 7 is equal to three times the difference of the number and 7 .

could someone help me with my <b>math</b> homework?

i need help learning how to create a polynomial function from given zeros. and i currently have no clue on how to do it!ex.1 Write the polynomial function given that -3 and 5 + √2 are zeros.ex.2... more

I need help with my <b>math</b> problem please

Jamal was counting the coins in his bank . If there was 70 coins , which totaled $13.30 ,if he only had quarters and dimes how many of each coin did he have ?


Hi! if anyone could pls help with this <b>maths</b> question

Find the value of m so that the following system of equations has no solutions.2mx + 3y = 2m4x + y = 5Thank you!


<b>math</b> hw algebra 1 9th grade

2x-3/x-4=2/3i need to solve for x


I need help on this question dealing with <b>math</b> ASAP.

a store is having a sale on jelly beans and almonds. for 8 pounds of jelly beans and 3 pounds of almonds, the total cost is $21. for 2 pounds of jelly beans and 5 pounds of almonds, the total cost... more


Hardest <b>math</b> question I&#x27;ve ever seen!

A friend of mine ask me this question(I'm not even convinced that it is from SAT subject test Math level 2, let alone the SAT). The question states as follow: Linda is bored during his chemistry... more


Need help on homework 8th grade <b>math</b>

Since 12:00 a.m., a cold front has caused the temperature in a particular city to decrease at a constant rate. At 2:00 a.m., the temperature was 54 degrees Fahrenheit, and at 5:00 a.m., the... more


<b>Math</b> Homework Help (ASAP DUE TODAY)!!!!!! URGENT

At the surface of the ocean, the water pressure on the submarine is the same as the air pressure above the water-about 15lb/in^2.Below the surface, the water pressure increases by about 9lb/in^2... more

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