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A quotient of twelve and two subtracted by thirty-six

How do I right this as expression for my question I have asked please help me with my problem it could really help me with my math grade in school.

You can afford monthly deposits of $ 210 into an account that pays 3.0% compounded monthly. How long will it be until you have $5,800 to buy a​ boat?

I need to solve this problem for buisness math. It has to do with saving up money to buy a boat. I need to know how many months it will take to save up  


Can you draw two quadrilaterals each having two 130 degree angles and two 50 degree angles that are not similar? Justify your answer.

 I'm doing this lesson in Math called "Similar Figures" and I don't understand this question, so I would like some help if you don't mind.

Find the limit (if it exists). lim x→0− x+8/cot x

I am confused as to how to find the limit for this questions as x approaches ) from the left. The cot portion is throwing me off a bit. Any help would be great! Cheers :)math


Fraction question

Landon was taking a math test he finished 1/2 the test in 3/5 of an hour. If he continues the same pace how much will he have completed in one hour.

what is five more than the product of a number x and three

 I really need help with my math. My teacher has never explained word problems well and the internet hasn't really helped. Can someone explain it.

Is the scale balances with the bottom weight market at 150 pound mark and the top weight marker at balances at 37 pound how much does the client weight ?

how to solve this math word problem is related to growth and development of human body. about weight but dont knwo what does it mean by top and bottom. what is the patients weight please


I have a bio final and i have a 80% in that class what would happen if i were to flunk the 100 points

that class what would happen if i were to flunk the 100 points I want to know so I can either study really hard or study for my math final


I need help with writing equations for slope intercept

Hello I am a freshman in high school and I am in the practical math class and I am having a lot of trouble with one equation m=1/2(2,3)


find domain if f(x)=sqrt(-2x-6)

I cannot for the life of me figure this problem out and i cannot find an example like this in my math book. Please help! I need to know how to work this problem.

in the expansion of (3x+1)^n, the coefficient of the term in x^2 is 135n, where n E Z+. Find n.

I don't have any idea how to do this! i know how to do binomial theorem but not this. I live in the US and taking Ib sl 2 math as a junior.

the longest side of the triangle lies opposite which interior angle?

This question was in my math book and we were talking about triangle interior angle sums I'm not sure what the answer is or how to find it can you help me?

sally has a piece of fabric that is 6 1/3 feet long. She cuts 1 1/6 feet from one side, and 7//8 from the other side. How much fabric remains?

I need hepl with this math problem. I need the answer and the work so I can see how you did it. plz give me the answer asap. Thx  

What is the total number of pencils that the students brought to class?

Five-sixths of the 24 students in a math class each brought one pencil to class. The rest of the students each brought two pencils. What is the total number of pencils that the students brought to... more


Saylor hendshaw earned hundred and $120 in simple interest in 9 months at an APR of 5%. how much money did he invest?

I need help on what exactly to do. I'm having trouble with this kind of math, I'm sure it's easy but I just need basic fundamentals down To understand. 

How do I do [7 * (9.6 divided by 3)] + 12.4 showing work?

I am doing math.I am doing algebra math. The topic is Evaluating Expressions. I need help with #4 on my homework, the question I just asked. Please help!

I need need help with this linear equation

A=P(1+rt) solve for r   My answer was(A-P)/Pt=r but my math teacher said that its wrong and I'm having trouble figuring out what it is

Why should hash functions use a prime number modulus?

A long time ago, I bought a data structures book off the bargain table for $1.25. In it, the explanation for a hashing function said that it should ultimately mod by a prime number because of "the... more

Erin can do 30 <b>math</b> problems in 45 minutes. How long will it take her to do 50 <b>math</b> problems?

Word Algebra, I need help on how to set this up in the right form of equation in order for me to solve the answer.  How do I set this word problem up into an equation?


SAT scores are standardized with a μ = 520 and a σ2 = 12100.00 on both the <b>math</b> and verbal portions. The following questions refer to the <b>math</b> portion:

a) A highly selective school decides that it will only consider applicants with a score in the top 1%. What is the minimum score a student must have in order to be considered for admission in this... more


Anthony bought a book for $10.35 and a ball for $5.68. He paid for the book and ball with a $20 bill. How much change did he receive?

Helping my son with his 4th Grade Math Word Problem. He is having trouble with subtracting. I need help in showing him how to show his work.

What is the net force of 3.0N and 10 N acting on an object if the two forces are in the opposite directions?

Learning a lot about math and how to use different formulas to solve different problems, I am learning and looking at soving these problems, ccan you help ? I need to solve these questions

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