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could someone help me with this <b>math</b> problem?

Factor the following trinomial.6r2 +r-2   i'm so confused what they want me to do 

could someone help me with this <b>math</b> equation?

Factor the following trinomial completely. Look first for the greatest common factor. 20r4-48r3-36r2

Can anyone help me with this <b>math</b> equation?

which is better to buy? 14oz for 984 or 8 oz for 64


I need help solving this <b>math</b> problem!!

x/2 - x = -1


I need help making an equation for <b>math</b>

Each package contains 5 bags of beans and a 6 pound bag of rice

Moudule 4 5th grade <b>math</b>

Riverside elementary school is holding a school wide election to choose a color. five eighths of the votes were for blue 5/9 of the remaing votes were for green, and the remaining were for green,... more

I need help with a <b>math</b> word problem

A jogger begins her workout by jogging to the​ park, a distance of 88 miles. She then jogs home at the same​ speed, but along a different route. This return trip is 1313 ​miles, and her time is one... more


<b>Math</b> question 8th grade class

A plumber charges $40 set fee for each job plus an hourly rate. The table below shows t, the total charge, in dollars for a job that last h hours.hours work total chargeh t2 $1204 $2007 $3209... more


I just need some <b>math</b> help

6/12=x6so pleasedothis thank you ma’am or mr.


I need help for my <b>math</b> homework

at the end of the 2007-2008 football season, 38 super bowl games had been played with the two current football leagues, The AFC and the NFC. The NfC won two more games than the AFC. how many games... more


5-3 <b>math</b> lesson 7th grade

Jade buys a blouse and a skirt for 34 of their original price. Jade pays a total of $31.50 for the two items. If the original price of the blouse is $18, what is the original price of the skirt?


<b>math</b> 155 Hw help me pleasee

On a biology test a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass on a second attempt the student got 32 questions correct what was the percent of the increase round answer to nearest tenth


<b>Math</b>! Help! I don&#x27;t get it!

Write a direct variation equation that relates x inches to y centimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters An equation is y=__

<b>Math</b> problem that I don&#x27;t get.

I don't know how to write a equation for three less than seven times a number equals twenty-four.


7th grade <b>Math</b> homework help

Jackson paints a cube. After the paint dries he cuts the cube in half. He makes a cut along the diagonal of one pair of parallel faces. Round to the nearest thousandth, the diagonal has a length... more


<b>Math</b> Question about Applications of Linear Inequalities.

A boy needs to grill 17 pounds of meat for a cookout. Determine the maximum cost per pound that he can​ afford, if he wants to spend at most ​$50 on this meat​purchase?


Two pools are being filled with water. To start, the first pool contains 981 liters of water and the second pool is empty. Water is being added to the first pool at a rate of 15.5 liters per... more


2×-15=×+55 <b>math</b> dont understand

2×-15=×+55 i need to understand

Can someone help me with this <b>math</b> problem!?

Knowing that 6<x<7 and 10<y<12, find all possible values of: y-xAnswer format: __<y-x<__


<b>Math</b> question for my college algebra course

Two​ vehicles, a car and a​ truck, leave an intersection at the same time. The car heads east at an average speed of 60 miles per​ hour, while the truck heads south at an average speed of 70 miles... more


i really need help on this <b>math</b> problem

at a basketball game a team made 59 successful shots.they were a combination of -1 and -2 point shots the team scored 100 points in all wrote and solve a system of equations to find the number of... more


Its a <b>math</b> word problem. Details of the problem is below:

A tower is 120 meters tall. A cable is attached from the top of the tower to a point on the ground that is 50 meters from the base of the tower. How long is the cable? (Drawing a picture might... more

I desperately need help with this <b>Maths</b> question!

Can someone please explain what this question is actually wanting from me and provide me with the steps on how to complete it? Thank you so much! "Rearrange the equation 2x^2 + x + 5 = x^2 - x + 20... more

Can u help me with this <b>math</b> problem?

A box has 144 ounces of grapes. How many 16-ounce packages of grapes can be made?

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