What is the largest possible number of students on one team.

in a county math league, 520 students from 100 different teams compete. Each team is required to have at least 5 members. What is the largest possible number of students on any team


quiz tomorrow and struggling

i’ve been struggling with slope in math and i have a quiz tomorrow and i’m think i’m going to fail. can i get help preparing for tomorrow?  


how do i rewrite a - 9 = 6 as an addition equation ?

in my math honors class we are currently learning how to write subtraction equations as addition equations and i don't understand any of it so i need your help... please !!!


Line QR contains (2, 8) and (3, 10) Line ST contains points (0, 6) and (−2, 2). Lines QR and ST are

I have a hard time undestanding this math because i have a learning disability and i really could use some help id like to graduate next year so yeah.


1 tenth + 14 hundreths = _____hundreths

 4th grade math helping son been a long time since I've done this and even struggled with it bck then plz some help. Need fracrion form and decimal form


Three less than half a number is five. Find the number

My name is TJ. It’s been years since I’ve did math so Im trying to refresh my memory a tad bit by getting help from you’ll. 


a building casts a 48-foot shadow. A nearby 14-foot statue casts a 5-foot shadow. How tall is the building?

I'm really bad at math and especially word problems. The question that i need help on is on a packet that is due tomorrow and i cant get anything below a 70% please help. Thanks


Approximately, what percentage of the scores are above 400?

On a math placement exam, the scores are normally distributed with a mean 500 and a standard deviation of 100.


Find the equation of a line perpendicular to y - 3x = – 8 that passes through the point (3, 2). (answer in slope-intercept form)

What formula do i use. Please be specific since i am quite dumb even though im in the highest level of math at my school. Thank you so much.


Unequal quantities

The sum of -3 and 4 times the opposite of a number is 27 larger than the number. What is the number? The answer key says -6. How do I do the math to make it work?

I want to shink a % as the value grows

I am trying to understand a maths problem to figureout an automated fee calculator.   I want to base a fee on a % of cost, however as the costs increase i want the % figure to decrease.


What is the product of 2830 and 3?

I guess I'm not that smart to figure this out and I got a A+ in math in fourth grade and I'm only a 10 year old kid and I wanna know

2z-5(z+1) =3z+1  How would I make a real life scenario for this equation?

I am trying to find how I would make a scenario for this equation for a math project I'm working on. I tried using a zoo as an example but, couldn't figure it out.

For what value of t is x(t)=40?

Solve the equation x′=3(100−x) with the initial condition x(0)=80.    For what value of t is x(t)=40?   (university level math)

Students A gets 35 guestions correct student B gets 42 right, Find the percent more student B answered correctly

On his first math test, student A got 35 of the problems correct. His friend student B got 42 problems correct. Find the percent more student B answered correctly. 

Mindy ate some brownies, and Kelsey ate twice as many as Mindy. Let m represent the number of brownies Mindy ate.

Circle the expression that matches the situation.   m+2=? m/2=? mx2=? m-2=?   Helping my 5th grader with math homework

I need some help ASAP!!!!

Hayley has 3 more than 2 times as many Math problems for homework as Shelly . Together they have 33 problems for homework . How many problems did Haley have for homework

a shipment of sugar fills 2 2/3 containers , if each container holds 2 1/7 tons , what is the amount of sugar in the entire shipment

this question comes from my summer math program and i cant figure it out ...the fractions are confusing me ... help im stumped  thanks  alexandra 

The sum of a number and its reciprocal is (3v2)/2.

Thank you for responding to my last question. But please help me again. LoL. I really need help in math but I don't have time for tutorials. Maybe soon.

the sum of four consecutive odd integers is -72. write an equation to model this situation. find the value of the four integers

the work that I did is 4x+6=-72x=-19.5the integers would be -19.5,-18.5,-17.5,-16.5my math final is tmr and I could really use this answered immediately


I&#x27;m trying to check my son&#x27;s <b>math</b> work and I just really am not good at <b>math</b> outside of addition and subtraction

4 3/8 - 1 5/8=?   I have 13 all together that I need to check.


4&#x2F;9 students enjoy <b>math</b> 3&#x2F;8 of those students enjoy music. What fraction of student enjoys <b>math</b> and music

 I dont really know the answer to my home work, please help me and show the work


You make $24&#x2F;hour tutoring Chemistry and $20&#x2F;hour tutoring <b>math</b>.

Part 1 of 5:You make $24/hour tutoring Chemistry and $20/hour tutoring math. Let x represent the number of hours per week you spend tutoring Chemistry and y represent the number of hour per week... more

Hey Guys I need helo with this <b>math</b> qustion

City -Duluth Population 588,450 Annual Percent Change (Growth Rate) - 3.2% dP/dt = 0.032P1 - Find an exponential function of the form P(t)=P0e^kt , which gives the population of the county in the... more

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