Sin theta in term of all other trigonometric ratios! Similarly cos theta and tan theta and cosec theta and cot theta and sec theta???!!!!

Similarly cos theta and tan theta and cosec theta and cot theta and sec theta???!!!!MATH work to do so reply asap!!!AND ANSWER IN DETAIL !!!tysm in advance...  


Johns age is half of the age he will be in 8 years. How old is he now? Be sure to show your work usin let statements your equation and your answer

I need help with my problem for math i don't understand it and i have to show my let statements my equation i used and my answer


if i have a five foot string and need to cut it into 1/3 of a foot . How many pieces of string can i cut?

i need help with my math home work and i have to turn it in at the end of the day and i need help with my work because i dont understand it.


What is an expression of 3.4 ,4.6 and 2.2

I need to know the answer because it’s for my math homework and i litterly have no clue me and my friend have been working on it or like 30 minutes

It takes 25 minutes to ride a bike 3.5 miles. What is my speed in miles per hour ?

Trying to help.my son with his math problem. It takes Marcus 25 minutes to ride his bike 3.5 miles  What is his speed in miles per hour?


A function contains 6 ordered pairs.The first 5 are (15,21) (17,26) (21,37) (25,40) and (30,45).What is the 6th ordered pair?

I'm currently in Math 1 and this is a problem on my homework.I feel like I've tried every pattern idea but still have no idea what the answer is. 


Abby has $265 in her saving account. She wants to save at least $655. Write and solve an inequality to determine how much more money Abby must save to reach her

i need this question awnsered so i can awnser it correctly on an assignment so i can get a good grade and get my grade up in math class


The product of three numbers is 312. Two of the numbers are 3 and 13. What is the third number?

I am practising for the UKMT math challenge and I used to have a tutor and it turned out the tutor I had wasn't even good it made me worse!

What is the probability of one more broken part in a system with 25 moving parts of which 7 have already broken and been replaced?

This is a probability math problem. Past a certain number of broken moving parts occurring in a system with 25 moving parts, the probability of one more breaking actually starts to increase, not... more


College statistics

A certain standardized tests math scores have a bell shaped distribution with a mean of 525 and a standard deviation of 119. What percentage of standardized test scores is between 168 and 882?


A farmer has 200 feet of fencing. What is the largest rectangular area that can be enclosed?

i need some help on my math hw. how do you solve this problem without quadratics or calculus. what is the most simplest way you can solve this? 

A purse contains $1.35 in nickels and dimes. In all there are 15 coins. How many coins of each kind are there?

This question Is a topic on algebra 1 math word problems.. They are sometimes confusing to me. Help would be great. I need this exact question explained or at least answered.. thank you !


78 students signed up for a <b>math</b> competition. During the competition 8970 were solved.

78 students signed up for a math competition. During the competition 8970 were solved. If each student worked the same amount of problems how many did each work?

Find the degree of the polynomial function. f\left(x\right)=\:-4x^3+7x^2-8x+3 f ( x ) = − 4 x 3 + 7 x 2 − 8 x + 3 The degree is _____ .

Hey, so I missed a couple days of my math class and I have absolutely no idea how to go about this question! Hope someone out there does! Thanks!


To find a 25% decrease in an amount why do we multiply the original value by 0.75 instead of 0.25

The description for my question is basically a math question and I don't get this. It was question on my homework and I don't know if this was a trick question but I need help


Sandy went on a 145 mile road trip. She has already driven 60 miles. How many miles does she have left to drive?

how you do dis problem!!!???? i nede 2 kno, plz help meh! plz, i dont wunt 2 fale mah math dis yaer!

A six​-digit number can begin with any digit except 0 or 8. How many possible choices are there for the first​ digit?

I need help for this math word problem and wzyant is where I go to for extra help when need even though I have my algebra teacher at school.


Find the common ratio of the geometric sequence: 3,4,16/3

im  way 200 hunderd punds i neeed to loose wait im in yht 10th grade i smoke weed neeed to get better at math


John is cutting a 10 foot long piece of pipe into lengths of 2/3 foot. How many pieces of pipe with this length can he cut?

I am trying to help my 12 year old son with 6th grade math. Can you help us figure out how to work the proble?

chemistry calculation

A math student need help with chemistry calculation. An Alloy consist of 4 parts of gold and 9 parts of silver. How much gold should be mixed with 360g of silver


If you have 50 questions on a test how many questions do you have to miss to score a 70% ?

can you please help me with this question I been very curious and please answer fast. I been stuck on thinking about this all day in math class

what is the pressure exerted on the bottom of the pool in the deep end if the water is 3m deep and the dimensions are 7.5m x 6m?

 Hi please help me this question is due tomorrow i have no idea what to do! it is math and science calculating the pressure exerted from the bottom of a deep end of a pool.

A farmer notes that in a field full of goats and ducks there are 29 heads and 82 feet how many of each animal are there

i tried to use variables but I am not good at math and this problem and problems like this are very frustrating for me please help me your help would be greatly appreciated

I need to calculate derivative of a function whose parameters are functions of other parameters using MATLAB or Maple

I'm doing some mathematical calculation of some symbolic math that includes multiplication and differentiation of some matrices.Some of the parameters in my calculations are functions of time. for... more

Why do so much <b>math</b> work on factors, when you can just lower it to the lowest common figures?

Why do so much math when all you have to do is lower it as much as possible.18/24 divide by the lowest number which is two and making it 9/12.  The lowest then would be three making it 3/4.  It's... more

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