What is 1:20nas a fraction

i was doing a math problem and then u got stuck on a question because it want 1:20 as a fraction and I forgot how to put n the calculator. So please just gimme the answer.

What is the largest possible number of students on one team.

in a county math league, 520 students from 100 different teams compete. Each team is required to have at least 5 members. What is the largest possible number of students on any team

The sum of a number and its reciprocal is (3v2)/2.

Thank you for responding to my last question. But please help me again. LoL. I really need help in math but I don't have time for tutorials. Maybe soon.


Line QR contains (2, 8) and (3, 10) Line ST contains points (0, 6) and (−2, 2). Lines QR and ST are

I have a hard time undestanding this math because i have a learning disability and i really could use some help id like to graduate next year so yeah.


Three less than half a number is five. Find the number

My name is TJ. It’s been years since I’ve did math so Im trying to refresh my memory a tad bit by getting help from you’ll. 

Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line with slope m=4 through points (-7,-6)

i really need help with my math please help me I don't get it please it its writibh it into a diferant forM yeah please help me i need it bad 


each case of Almond bars contains 9 smaller boxes. each smaller boxes contains 24 almond bars. how many almond bars are in each case?

Thats my math problem. I know the answer is 216 but im not sure what i did to figure it out my sister said the answer but she didnt tell me what to do 

you have a total of 42 <b>math</b> and science problems for homework.

you have 10 more math problems than science problems. how many problems do you have in each subject? use a system of linear equations to justify your answer.

A and B are subsets of a universal set U with n(U)=32 , n(A)=11 , n(B)=17 , and (AUB)=25 what would n(AUB') =

∩∩Finite math.... two other questions with the same information are n(A'∩B')=   and   n(A∩B)=       Thanks so much! if you have an explanation with it that would be amazing!

2z-5(z+1) =3z+1  How would I make a real life scenario for this equation?

I am trying to find how I would make a scenario for this equation for a math project I'm working on. I tried using a zoo as an example but, couldn't figure it out.


Shelley drove a car for 476 miles while using 17 gallons of gas. At this rate, how many miles can she travel by car using 30 gallons of gas?

Math problems: Shelley drove a car for 476 miles while using 17 gallons of gas. At this rate, how many miles can she travel by car using 30 gallons of gas?


Student Attendance Word Problem

Student attendance in a certain math class in inversely proportional to the number of days since the start of class. On day 2, attendance was 40 students. How many students will attend class on day... more


Find the equation of a line perpendicular to y - 3x = – 8 that passes through the point (3, 2). (answer in slope-intercept form)

What formula do i use. Please be specific since i am quite dumb even though im in the highest level of math at my school. Thank you so much.

I want to shink a % as the value grows

I am trying to understand a maths problem to figureout an automated fee calculator.   I want to base a fee on a % of cost, however as the costs increase i want the % figure to decrease.

What is the net force of 3.0N and 10 N acting on an object if the two forces are in the opposite directions?

Learning a lot about math and how to use different formulas to solve different problems, I am learning and looking at soving these problems, ccan you help ? I need to solve these questions


What is the product of 2830 and 3?

I guess I'm not that smart to figure this out and I got a A+ in math in fourth grade and I'm only a 10 year old kid and I wanna know

a shipment of sugar fills 2 2/3 containers , if each container holds 2 1/7 tons , what is the amount of sugar in the entire shipment

this question comes from my summer math program and i cant figure it out ...the fractions are confusing me ... help im stumped  thanks  alexandra 

Students A gets 35 guestions correct student B gets 42 right, Find the percent more student B answered correctly

On his first math test, student A got 35 of the problems correct. His friend student B got 42 problems correct. Find the percent more student B answered correctly. 

the sum of four consecutive odd integers is -72. write an equation to model this situation. find the value of the four integers

the work that I did is 4x+6=-72x=-19.5the integers would be -19.5,-18.5,-17.5,-16.5my math final is tmr and I could really use this answered immediately

shaped like a parallelogram.The Area of the parking lot is 6x^2 - 3X - 3m^2 What are the measures of the height and base of the parking lot?

a math question I don't really understand. after i got 3(2x^2-1x-1m^2), but i dont understand how to get the Base and height.

Is this course taken after Differential Equations?

Is the course "Complex Variables with Applications" the course taken after Differential Equations? What does this course cover? Is this course applied or pure math? Can someone recommend me a good... more


I&#x27;m trying to check my son&#x27;s <b>math</b> work and I just really am not good at <b>math</b> outside of addition and subtraction

4 3/8 - 1 5/8=?   I have 13 all together that I need to check.


4&#x2F;9 students enjoy <b>math</b> 3&#x2F;8 of those students enjoy music. What fraction of student enjoys <b>math</b> and music

 I dont really know the answer to my home work, please help me and show the work


I am having hard time with this <b>maths</b> problem.

Mile who rides a bike is 4 times faster then Kylie who is walking. If Kylie starts walking 30 minutes before Mile , how long will it take Mile on his bike to catch up to Kylie?

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