Smallest 4-digit lucky number, <b>maths</b> olympiad

Let us call a positive integer "lucky" if its digits can be divided into two groups so that the sum of the digits in each group is the same. For example, 34175 is lucky because 3+7=4+1+5mfind the... more

<b>Maths</b>, circles, circumference, area, diameter and radius

Billy likes to go cycling. His bike has wheels of diameter 85 cm.He has invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.One day the counter shows 290... more


Could anyone help me with a <b>maths</b> problem?

If f(x) = (3x + a), determine the values of a fro which, f(x2 + x + 2) - f(3x - a) = 0 will have really roots.

<b>math</b> world problem, need answer ASAP

the world cup rugby ball is shown, its is made of a cylinder with ends which are hemispheres. the ends of the cylinder and hemisphere have a radius of 8cm and the enitre ball has a length of... more

6th grade <b>math</b> word problem

While on vacation, Mikey spends $110 per day on his hotel and $35 a day on food. a) If he spends no other money, how much in total does a 5 day vacation cost him?b) Write an expression that can... more

<b>math</b> 31 calculus question. Need help!!!!

A light airplane flies north at 250 km/hr. At the same time, another airplane starts from an airport 140 km north of the first airplane and is travelling east at 300 km/hr. What is the closest... more

<b>Math</b> question pertaining to one-to one and inverse

1. If a Rock falls from a height of 100 meters on Earth, the height H(in meters) after t seconds is approximately.   H(t) = 100-4.9t^2    (a) In general, quadratic functions are not one-to-one.... more

<b>math</b> question week 8 part 4

Explain how do you find the inverse of a point.For example, what is the inverse of (0,2) and (-6,0).


You have a mortgage payment of $1,248.90/month. Using proportions what is the minimum amount you must have in realized income per month to keep your housing expense in the acceptable... more

Problem to a <b>math</b> question on Facebook for my friends.

This man walks into a grocery store and steals $100 out of the register without the cashier knowing and left then 10 minutes later the man walked back in and bought $70.00 worth of food with the... more

i need help with solving a problem with <b>math</b>

so the question is a sofa originally priced at $1500 has been discounted 30% i need to find the answer

How do I solve this <b>math</b> question?

If x and y are rational numbers and (3+4 (sqrt(3)) (x+y (sqrt(3)) =26, find the sum of x and y.

<b>Math</b> problem involving distance rate and time

a bicyclist travels at a constant rate on her bicycle. biking with the wind, it takes 3.4 hours to travel 68 miles. biking against the wind, the return trip takes 5 hours. if there was no wind, how... more

Financial <b>maths</b> question, with method please thanks!

which is the better result at the end of 20 years? (i) An investment of $100000 at 12% per annum compounded monthly.        OR (ii) $1000 invested monthly at 12% per annum compounded monthly.

in this <b>math</b> problem cant find the height of the tree

At a point on the ground 35ft from the base of a? tree, the distance to the top of the tree is 1 ft more than 3 times the height of the tree. Find the height of the tree.   The height of the tree... more


Write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros at −4, 1 and 1.   y=

Please helpp, <b>math</b> unit test tomorrow!!!!

A commercial plane and a jet airliner are 7.5km from each other, at the same altitude. From an observation tower, the two aircraft are separated by an angle of 680. If the jetliner is 5.2km from... more


The product of the ages of a set of triplets is 12 times the sum of their ages. Determine how old the triplets are.        (we are currently learning about exponents and powers, if that helps.) 

4th grade <b>math</b> please help!

In Sean’s fish tank there are 6 times as many goldfish as guppies. There are 21 fish in the tank.How many more goldfish are there than guppies

Question 29 <b>Math</b> Question need help with

if the cost to mail a letter is 49 cents for mail weighing up to one ounce and 27 cents for each additional ounce or a fraction of an ounce, find the cost of mailing a letter that weighs 88 grams.

Need help with this <b>math</b> word problem and formula

3/4 of the students at school take the bus. of those, 5/8 live more than 5 miles away from school. what fraction of students take the bus AND live more than 5 miles from school?

<b>Math</b> Pre Calc 11 Series and Sequences

nico receives a spruce tree from the school at the end of Grade 1. It grows at a rate of 25% per year. If the tree is 1 foot tall when Nico plants it, how tall will the tree be in 12 years when he... more

<b>Math</b> word problem of my daughters below

What strategy used to find answer?   When Malcolm was visiting his Grandpas farm, he saw that the farm only raised hens and hogs. Malcolm counted 38 heads and 100 feet. How many hens and how many... more

I need help on this <b>math</b> problem dude

A square and a rectangle have the same parameters. The length of a side of the square is 4x-1. The length of the rectangle is 2x+1 and the width is x+2. Write and solve an equation to find X.

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