Please helpp, <b>math</b> unit test tomorrow!!!!

A commercial plane and a jet airliner are 7.5km from each other, at the same altitude. From an observation tower, the two aircraft are separated by an angle of 680. If the jetliner is 5.2km from... more

Scale Drawings 7th grade <b>math</b>

Hello there, i am asking for help on a math problem that i dont fully understand. I am not asking for the answer of course, but i am asking for help on finding out the formula to this and the steps... more


Write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros at −4, 1 and 1.   y=


Could anyone help me with a <b>maths</b> problem?

If f(x) = (3x + a), determine the values of a fro which, f(x2 + x + 2) - f(3x - a) = 0 will have really roots.

<b>Maths</b>, circles, circumference, area, diameter and radius

Billy likes to go cycling. His bike has wheels of diameter 85 cm.He has invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.One day the counter shows 290... more

Need help with this <b>math</b> word problem and formula

3/4 of the students at school take the bus. of those, 5/8 live more than 5 miles away from school. what fraction of students take the bus AND live more than 5 miles from school?

Financial <b>maths</b> question, with method please thanks!

which is the better result at the end of 20 years? (i) An investment of $100000 at 12% per annum compounded monthly.        OR (ii) $1000 invested monthly at 12% per annum compounded monthly.

<b>Math</b> problem involving distance rate and time

a bicyclist travels at a constant rate on her bicycle. biking with the wind, it takes 3.4 hours to travel 68 miles. biking against the wind, the return trip takes 5 hours. if there was no wind, how... more

in this <b>math</b> problem cant find the height of the tree

At a point on the ground 35ft from the base of a? tree, the distance to the top of the tree is 1 ft more than 3 times the height of the tree. Find the height of the tree.   The height of the tree... more

Smallest 4-digit lucky number, <b>maths</b> olympiad

Let us call a positive integer "lucky" if its digits can be divided into two groups so that the sum of the digits in each group is the same. For example, 34175 is lucky because 3+7=4+1+5mfind the... more

what is the answer to this <b>math</b> question.. 4+3 (5-2 ) = ?

4+3 (5-2 ) = ?

I need help with a word problem in <b>math</b>

Sylvia teaches music to 63 students who are under 10 years of age. The students under 10 years of age make up 35% of all her music students. How many students does Sylvia teach music?


I need help understanding this <b>math</b> problem.

Hi, I'm trying to pass my GED Math test. It's literally the only test I need to pass, but math problems like this one really tend to discourage me.48x+32y32The way I have it is as the long division... more

I need help on this <b>math</b> problem dude

A square and a rectangle have the same parameters. The length of a side of the square is 4x-1. The length of the rectangle is 2x+1 and the width is x+2. Write and solve an equation to find X.

Dan is a software salesman.

Let x represent the number of copies of Math is Fun he sells. Suppose that x and y are related by the equation 2400 +70x = y    Let x Suppose that x and y are related by the equation 2400 + 70x =... more


confusing homework

In any quarter, the college needs to make available 8 less English sections than Math sections.In any quarter student demand for the optional Philosophy course is half as many sections as English... more

Log Question

Let      What is the value... more

need help with equation

3(A+2=2(A-7 i sincerly dont understand equations and its been a long time im in collage and its been years since ii've done math


solve each proportion

solve each proportion in math 1.x-4/6=x+2/12 2.4/y+2=10/5y 3. y+2/y+7=11/31


how do you reduce 32/83 to the lowest terms

I'm on I.X.L (a math practicing source  and One question said : write 32/83 in lowest terms.Help! I'm a fifth grader,not a senior in collage!


it took lisa 2 hours to read the first 100 pages of a book. then she read the last 44 pages in 1 hour. how many pages did she read per minute for the whole book

I'm doing a math packet and i needed help on this question if you  can please help me that would be great thank you so much


how will a vertical compression of the parent function y=x change the graph of the function? Write a new equation that represents this transformation.

This is for my math class. We get ten bonus points if we know how to do it! I have no earthly idea of how to work it so help is welcome:))))


expand the following

Hi, I recently took a maths test at school and got this answer incorrect.   Expand The Following-   2 (a+3) =    


Write equivalent expressions.

-(1-2)     I would like help in solving this 1 question, so that I may continue with my school summer math packet.


mean score of 80 and a standard deviation of 5. Percentage of students that scored between 80 and 90?

The scores on a certain math test were normally distributed with a mean score of 80 and a standard deviation of 5.  What percent of the students scored between 80 and 90?

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