Anthony bought a book for $10.35 and a ball for $5.68. He paid for the book and ball with a $20 bill. How much change did he receive?

Helping my son with his 4th Grade Math Word Problem. He is having trouble with subtracting. I need help in showing him how to show his work.

30 students in classroom 24 students reading above average. what percentages of the student that is not reading above average?

Step by step instruction on how to solve math problem     30 students in classroom 24 students reading above average. what percentages of the student that is not reading above average?


What is 1:20nas a fraction

i was doing a math problem and then u got stuck on a question because it want 1:20 as a fraction and I forgot how to put n the calculator. So please just gimme the answer.


the original price of an object is 90. 8f there is a sale for 72 percent of the original price. what is the sale price of the item

I need help on solving this math problem.  Thank you   the original price of an object is 90. if there is a sale for 72 percent of the original price. what is the sale price of the item


what is (7k^3-7) - (2+3k^3)

Well this question I had a problem with this im in 7th grade and this problem in math is giving me a headache hope someone can help!!!!!!! Thanks :) And please i need Fast for today-Tommorow!!!!!


What does one positve and one negative create

I have a crossword puzzle to solve on math terms.  The clue was "one positive and one negative create"-2 words with 8 letters and e is the second letter and r is the last letter.


how do i rewrite a - 9 = 6 as an addition equation ?

in my math honors class we are currently learning how to write subtraction equations as addition equations and i don't understand any of it so i need your help... please !!!


a building casts a 48-foot shadow. A nearby 14-foot statue casts a 5-foot shadow. How tall is the building?

I'm really bad at math and especially word problems. The question that i need help on is on a packet that is due tomorrow and i cant get anything below a 70% please help. Thanks

A and B are subsets of a universal set U with n(U)=32 , n(A)=11 , n(B)=17 , and (AUB)=25 what would n(AUB') =

∩∩Finite math.... two other questions with the same information are n(A'∩B')=   and   n(A∩B)=       Thanks so much! if you have an explanation with it that would be amazing!


Approximately, what percentage of the scores are above 400?

On a math placement exam, the scores are normally distributed with a mean 500 and a standard deviation of 100.

Students A gets 35 guestions correct student B gets 42 right, Find the percent more student B answered correctly

On his first math test, student A got 35 of the problems correct. His friend student B got 42 problems correct. Find the percent more student B answered correctly. 

you have a total of 42 <b>math</b> and science problems for homework.

you have 10 more math problems than science problems. how many problems do you have in each subject? use a system of linear equations to justify your answer.

what is the value of B3a if b=2 and a= 6

Please help me to understand this question from my math homework. What is the value of B3a if b=2 and a=6? My answer was 17,5761 26×26×26 is that correct?

Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line with slope m=4 through points (-7,-6)

i really need help with my math please help me I don't get it please it its writibh it into a diferant forM yeah please help me i need it bad 

shaped like a parallelogram.The Area of the parking lot is 6x^2 - 3X - 3m^2 What are the measures of the height and base of the parking lot?

a math question I don't really understand. after i got 3(2x^2-1x-1m^2), but i dont understand how to get the Base and height.

whats the answer to the mukti step equation 3x+6=6

Dont know how to do multi step equstions so i need help learning how n need sme help answering sme math problems i hven trouble with

I need some help ASAP!!!!

Hayley has 3 more than 2 times as many Math problems for homework as Shelly . Together they have 33 problems for homework . How many problems did Haley have for homework

Mindy ate some brownies, and Kelsey ate twice as many as Mindy. Let m represent the number of brownies Mindy ate.

Circle the expression that matches the situation.   m+2=? m/2=? mx2=? m-2=?   Helping my 5th grader with math homework

I want to shink a % as the value grows

I am trying to understand a maths problem to figureout an automated fee calculator.   I want to base a fee on a % of cost, however as the costs increase i want the % figure to decrease.


What is the product of 2830 and 3?

I guess I'm not that smart to figure this out and I got a A+ in math in fourth grade and I'm only a 10 year old kid and I wanna know


Find the equation of a line perpendicular to y - 3x = – 8 that passes through the point (3, 2). (answer in slope-intercept form)

What formula do i use. Please be specific since i am quite dumb even though im in the highest level of math at my school. Thank you so much.

Is this course taken after Differential Equations?

Is the course "Complex Variables with Applications" the course taken after Differential Equations? What does this course cover? Is this course applied or pure math? Can someone recommend me a good... more

2z-5(z+1) =3z+1  How would I make a real life scenario for this equation?

I am trying to find how I would make a scenario for this equation for a math project I'm working on. I tried using a zoo as an example but, couldn't figure it out.

For what value of t is x(t)=40?

Solve the equation x′=3(100−x) with the initial condition x(0)=80.    For what value of t is x(t)=40?   (university level math)

The sum of a number and its reciprocal is (3v2)/2.

Thank you for responding to my last question. But please help me again. LoL. I really need help in math but I don't have time for tutorials. Maybe soon.

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