one less than 3 times a number is the number plus 5

how do you make this in to a normal problem so i could figure this out a get a better knowledge on how to do this project in math and get a good grade 


Mr. Jackson is rolling a number cube. Predict how many times he should roll a 5 if he rolls the die 80 times. About how many times should he roll a 2 or 5?

I had this as a math problem for 7th grade. It is Compound Events and I forget how to do it. Thank you for anyone who takes the time to do it.

In an arithmetic series the first term is -7 and the sum of the first 20 terms is 620. a) find the common difference. b) Find the value of the term 78

I have this math exam, due into two days and this is what's coming up. Please answer ASAP = if anyone could answer in 20 - 30 minutes that would be fantastic :)

If the sum of three consecutive even integers is 60, what is the first of the three even integers?

Hint: if x and x+2 represent the first two consecutive even integers, how would you represent the third consecutive even integers?   This is a math question 

R rope x 3= b rope. B rope x 5= g rope. If the total length of the three ropes is 508.25 meters, what is the length of the blue rope?

This is a pre-aldgebra word problem. Either I'm stupid, or I suck at math. Or I'm tired. Either way, I need some help on this problem  


if you had a 3inch pipe, 20 feet long, full of water how many gallons of water would be in this pipe

I want to solve this math problem if you had a 3inch pipe, 20 feet long, full of water how many gallons of water would be in this pipe


I need the answer

Sara had q math questions to finish over the weekend. She finished 5 on Friday and 11 on Saturday. On Sunday she had 8 questions left to do


a line with the slope of 0 includes the points (0,-6) and (4,a) what is the value of a

need help have to do 100 of these problems and I don't get how to do it if u could please explain in simple math that would be greatly appreciated


how will a vertical compression of the parent function y=x change the graph of the function? Write a new equation that represents this transformation.

This is for my math class. We get ten bonus points if we know how to do it! I have no earthly idea of how to work it so help is welcome:))))

Given f(x) = |2x – 7|, evaluate f(3). f(3) = _____ .

Hey, so I missed a couple days of my math class and I have absolutely no idea how to figure this out! Hope someone out there does! Thanks!


What is the exact meaning of these similar words in <b>math</b>: property , axiom , postulate , theorem ,rule , law ,principl. What are the differences between them.

What is the exact meaning of these words in math : property , axiom , postulate , theorem , rule , law , principle . What are the differences between them?  Tanks in advance!

Theres a graph that goes to 0 to 10 is the graph discrete or continuous?

I don't know what to say I just need help to pass math ok I justed need help so please help me.

what is the probability of selecting a month that has an ''r'' in it's spelling



how do I solve factor puzzles?

Hi I'm Esabella. How do I solve factor puzzles? I am in 6th grade academic math in PA. thank you  

Word problem with inequalities

Your math test scores are 68,78,90, and 91. What is the lowest score you can earn on the next test and still achieve an average of at least 85?

x-7/3x^2-8x+4 divided by 3x-21/6x^2-24

x-7/3x^2-8x+4 divided by 3x-21/6x^2-24 i need help on this math problem for my alg/trig homework  

Can I solve this particular stats problem using a ti-84 calcualtor

I know how to solve this problem the long way.  But I think there's enough information in the question for there to be a way to get an answer using a ti-84 calculator.  But I don't know how.... more


How to get rid of careless mistakes especially on the SAT <b>Math</b> section.

I just took the April 2017 QAS and got a 1360 (710 math and 650 ERW). After reviewing the test and spotting my mistakes, I realized that in the Math section I could have gotten 5 more questions --... more


Problem solving

In the expression , explain the significance of the numerator  and denominator  in the exponent.

Is this a arithmetic sequence or a geometric sequence??

So I got this math question from my Math teacher and in the question it labels it as a geometric sequence, by in the description of it it says it goes down by a flat 5% every time.  So from the... more

Plz Help me choose my career ..

I jus passed Intermediate (Maths,Economics, Commerce) with 85% marks and now planning 2 take Bsc (Maths, Stats , Computers) , IS it gud I am interested in computers and thinking to do M.Ca after... more

the perimeter of a rectangle is 70 inches. the lenth of the rectangle is 5 inches more than twice the width. what is the lenth of the rectangle?

Im having trouble with this word problem, im in a math class at college and its only a prep math class and i cant figure out the formula for this problem. I am writing it as 2w=5=70 but when i do... more

Why do so much <b>math</b> work on factors, when you can just lower it to the lowest common figures?

Why do so much math when all you have to do is lower it as much as possible.18/24 divide by the lowest number which is two and making it 9/12.  The lowest then would be three making it 3/4.  It's... more

I need to calculate derivative of a function whose parameters are functions of other parameters using MATLAB or Maple

I'm doing some mathematical calculation of some symbolic math that includes multiplication and differentiation of some matrices.Some of the parameters in my calculations are functions of time. for... more


Karen runs 2/3 of a mile in 6 minutes. If Karen continues at the same speed, how long will it take her to run one mile?

It's very hard math. So hard I do not understand it please solve this for me so I can finish my work and get a good grade in my class

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