confusing homework

In any quarter, the college needs to make available 8 less English sections than Math sections.In any quarter student demand for the optional Philosophy course is half as many sections as English... more

Log Question

Let   http://assets.apexlearning.com/Math/200706/19/28725ad1-2ebf-4766-be9e-2eaf434c4696.gif      What is the value... more

need help with equation

3(A+2=2(A-7 i sincerly dont understand equations and its been a long time im in collage and its been years since ii've done math


How can I iterate over an enum?

I just noticed that you can not use standard math operators on an enum such as ++ or += So what is the best way to iterate through all of the values in a C++ enum?


When you reverse the digit in a certain two digit number you decrease it’s value by 36 find the number of the sum of its digit is 14

I need help with my math problem and everyone have similar questions but not the same one I’m lookin for any help would be nice  


Maria sold 50​ books, or​ 40% of her book​ collection, at a yard sale. How many books were in​ Maria's collection?

I need help in math. With word problems and equations. I am trying to do my homework but i don't understand what I am doing.


help 8th grade no solution rquation

2x+9+3x+x=_x+_i know it’s not 6x+10please help me i have no idea how to do this problem it’s on imagine math


how do you reduce 32/83 to the lowest terms

I'm on I.X.L (a math practicing source  and One question said : write 32/83 in lowest terms.Help! I'm a fifth grader,not a senior in collage!

400 cg= ______g, 2( 800cg= ______g,3 (900 mg =_______cg, 4) 900cl= _______l, 5)2,000 l= _____kl

I do not understand how to convert the above metric system math problems. Please help. I am in the fourth grade and this is my homework tonight. Thank you.


Andrew's father drives no more than 350 miles (m) on one tank of gas. Write an inequality to represent the situation?

my sister is currently doing her math homework but she needs help. I don't have time as I have things to do. Any idea? 


n(a*b)=30 n(a)=10 find n(b)

slove this problem for my fundamentals of math 1 class  ch.2 sets, whole numbers, and functions   answer choices a.20 b.3 c.4 d.10


What is 31 and 43. Is it less or greater than each other.

I don’t get it. If you could help me than that will be great. I don’t know what to do. I am going to be in math class.


Write equivalent expressions.

-(1-2)     I would like help in solving this 1 question, so that I may continue with my school summer math packet.


Find a rational number between negative square root 9 and square root 9

Find irrational number between negative square root 9 + square root 9 so yeah please help me 8th grade math is interesting


How do i work this <b>math</b> problem: y=1&#x2F;2x-4;(2, ),( ,-7)

I am new to Algebra and do not know how to work this math problem:  y=1/2x-4;(2, ),( ,-7) Thank you for your help!

How do I find all the points on a Cartesian Plane that are exactly 5 units from a given coordinate, such as (3,1)

I got given this question in my maths class. I know it uses the formula for distance on a Cartesian Plane but I'm unsure how to work this question out

Their rectangular door frame is 3 ft wide and 6.5ft high. approximate the greatest length of its diameter so that the table can be placed into the dining room?

This is a 6th grade Math Enrichment problem that my son got today.  He learned the pythagorean Theorem today so I believe that is how to solve this problem?


What operation do I need to use to find the answer to the problem A rectangular garden is 1.25 meters wide and 3.4 meters long. What is the area of the garden?

I need to know this question now please because it's for my math homework. I'm stuck on this question and I can't just not have it in my book. 

6,000 invsted for 4 years compounded quarterly at 3.6%, what is the total amount of the investment

 this question has been very difficult for me and s keeping me from getting a 100 on my home w0rk in my advanced math class


What is 2-5x4-[6x(3-4)]

I need help on this math problem I’ve been struggling so much and I’ve dont it a lot of times and I get different answers everytime.


solve each proportion

solve each proportion in math 1.x-4/6=x+2/12 2.4/y+2=10/5y 3. y+2/y+7=11/31


Adrienne could travel 39 miles per hour. How long would it take her to travel 273 miles? Could anyone help me with this <b>math</b> problem?

Adrienne could travel 39 miles per hour. How long would it take her to travel 273 miles? Could anyone help me with this math problem?


Idk What The Hell You Want Me To Write

Kelly needs to get a minimum of 75% in today's 60-point math test in order to pass the class. What is the least # of points she can get and pass the class

Given f(x) = –2x^2 + 4x + 3, evaluate f(–2). f(–2) = _____ .

Hey, so I missed a couple days of my math class and I have absolutely no idea how to figure this out. Hope that someone out there does! Thanks!


Word problem

Kelly needs to get a minimum of 75% on today's 60-point math test in order to pass the class. What is the least number of points that she must score to achieve this goal ?

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