<b>Math</b> Pre Calc 11 Series and Sequences

nico receives a spruce tree from the school at the end of Grade 1. It grows at a rate of 25% per year. If the tree is 1 foot tall when Nico plants it, how tall will the tree be in 12 years when he... more


Could anyone help me with a <b>maths</b> problem?

If f(x) = (3x + a), determine the values of a fro which, f(x2 + x + 2) - f(3x - a) = 0 will have really roots.

<b>Maths</b>, circles, circumference, area, diameter and radius

Billy likes to go cycling. His bike has wheels of diameter 85 cm.He has invented a counter for his bike which counts the number of revolutions the wheels make.One day the counter shows 290... more

Finite <b>math</b> problem about finding values

Given that 2 sheep, 3 dogs, 6 hens, and 3 rabbits cost 883 coins, 5 sheep, 2 dogs, 4 hens, and 4 rabbits cost 1286 coins, 3 sheep, 1 dog, 3 hens, and 5 rabbits cost 833 coins, 4 sheep, 5 dogs, 5... more

6th grade <b>math</b> word problem

While on vacation, Mikey spends $110 per day on his hotel and $35 a day on food. a) If he spends no other money, how much in total does a 5 day vacation cost him?b) Write an expression that can... more

Urgent <b>math</b> help pls help me

The usual price of a washing machine and vacuum cleaner are $650 and $140 respectivel.Alex bought a washing machine at a discount of 8%.He was given a discount of 10% for the vacuum cleaner.However... more

Smallest 4-digit lucky number, <b>maths</b> olympiad

Let us call a positive integer "lucky" if its digits can be divided into two groups so that the sum of the digits in each group is the same. For example, 34175 is lucky because 3+7=4+1+5mfind the... more

what is the answer to this <b>math</b> question.. 4+3 (5-2 ) = ?

4+3 (5-2 ) = ?

question 25 <b>Math</b> need help please

in a class of 50 students, 34 are democrats, 6 are business majors, and 4 of the business majors are democrats if one student is randomly selected from the class find the probability of choosing a... more

i need help with solving a problem with <b>math</b>

so the question is a sofa originally priced at $1500 has been discounted 30% i need to find the answer

<b>Math</b> question bout angles help pleaseee

from her condominiums rooftop swimming pool lynn sees her boyfriend washing windows on another building she sees him at a 25 angle of elevation she also sees the bottom of the building at a 45... more


Write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros at −4, 1 and 1.   y=


I need help understanding this <b>math</b> problem.

Hi, I'm trying to pass my GED Math test. It's literally the only test I need to pass, but math problems like this one really tend to discourage me.48x+32y32The way I have it is as the long division... more

I need help with a word problem in <b>math</b>

Sylvia teaches music to 63 students who are under 10 years of age. The students under 10 years of age make up 35% of all her music students. How many students does Sylvia teach music?

Question 39 <b>Math</b> assistance needed please

two people are jogging around a circular track in the same direction. one person can go completely around the track in 33 minutes the second person takes 18 minutes. if they both start running in... more

Dan is a software salesman.

Let x represent the number of copies of Math is Fun he sells. Suppose that x and y are related by the equation 2400 +70x = y    Let x Suppose that x and y are related by the equation 2400 + 70x =... more


confusing homework

In any quarter, the college needs to make available 8 less English sections than Math sections.In any quarter student demand for the optional Philosophy course is half as many sections as English... more

Log Question

Let   http://assets.apexlearning.com/Math/200706/19/28725ad1-2ebf-4766-be9e-2eaf434c4696.gif      What is the value... more

need help with equation

3(A+2=2(A-7 i sincerly dont understand equations and its been a long time im in collage and its been years since ii've done math


How can I iterate over an enum?

I just noticed that you can not use standard math operators on an enum such as ++ or += So what is the best way to iterate through all of the values in a C++ enum?


When you reverse the digit in a certain two digit number you decrease it’s value by 36 find the number of the sum of its digit is 14

I need help with my math problem and everyone have similar questions but not the same one I’m lookin for any help would be nice  


Maria sold 50​ books, or​ 40% of her book​ collection, at a yard sale. How many books were in​ Maria's collection?

I need help in math. With word problems and equations. I am trying to do my homework but i don't understand what I am doing.


help 8th grade no solution rquation

2x+9+3x+x=_x+_i know it’s not 6x+10please help me i have no idea how to do this problem it’s on imagine math


how do you reduce 32/83 to the lowest terms

I'm on I.X.L (a math practicing source  and One question said : write 32/83 in lowest terms.Help! I'm a fifth grader,not a senior in collage!

400 cg= ______g, 2( 800cg= ______g,3 (900 mg =_______cg, 4) 900cl= _______l, 5)2,000 l= _____kl

I do not understand how to convert the above metric system math problems. Please help. I am in the fourth grade and this is my homework tonight. Thank you.

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