what does varies indirectly mean in <b>math</b>?

I just need to know and these websites wont tell


60÷(12-7)x8? <b>Math</b> question

<b>MATH</b> Inequalites word problem with three variables

A foundation invests $85,000 at simple interest, part at 7%, twice that amount at 4%, and the rest at 6.5%. What is the most that the foundation can invest at 4% and be guaranteed $5,210 in... more

Ahyana&#x27;s 5th grade <b>math</b> question

During a triathlon, Shron swims 1/4 of the total route and cycles 3/5 of the remaining route. She runs the rest of the route. If she runs 3,600 meters, find the total distance of the triathlon route.

<b>Math</b> Word Problem(Sq. In, Carpet Tiles)

A major convention center, whose floors are covered by square carpet tiles with side lengths of 9 inches laid out in a 48 by 96 array, held a wild conference over the weekend. A local cleaning... more


second grade common core <b>math</b> problem

Alice measured her belt to be 22 inches long using a yard stick, but she didn't start her measurement didn't start at zero. What might be the the two endpoints of her belt on her meter stick?... more

4th grade <b>math</b> please help!

In Sean’s fish tank there are 6 times as many goldfish as guppies. There are 21 fish in the tank.How many more goldfish are there than guppies

Scale Drawings 7th grade <b>math</b>

Hello there, i am asking for help on a math problem that i dont fully understand. I am not asking for the answer of course, but i am asking for help on finding out the formula to this and the steps... more

How do I solve this <b>math</b> question?

If x and y are rational numbers and (3+4 (sqrt(3)) (x+y (sqrt(3)) =26, find the sum of x and y.

Question 29 <b>Math</b> Question need help with

if the cost to mail a letter is 49 cents for mail weighing up to one ounce and 27 cents for each additional ounce or a fraction of an ounce, find the cost of mailing a letter that weighs 88 grams.


A group consists of five men and eight woman. size people are selected to attend a conference.a. in how many ways can six people be selected from this group of 13? b. in how many ways can size... more

Please helpp, <b>math</b> unit test tomorrow!!!!

A commercial plane and a jet airliner are 7.5km from each other, at the same altitude. From an observation tower, the two aircraft are separated by an angle of 680. If the jetliner is 5.2km from... more

Key Train <b>Math</b> Level 7 Question

You received two receipts for servicing the company cars. In one, four quarts of oil and 40 gallons of gas cost $126.80. On the other, six quarts of oil and 52 gallons of gas cost $166.28. What is... more

Help me with my <b>math</b> question pls

Jose can sweep 1/2 of a square yard in 2/3 of an hour. What is his speed in terms of square yards per hour?

<b>Math</b> word problem of my daughters below

What strategy used to find answer?   When Malcolm was visiting his Grandpas farm, he saw that the farm only raised hens and hogs. Malcolm counted 38 heads and 100 feet. How many hens and how many... more

<b>math</b> question about cost per person

Tour Expenses & Income - $30 for each bike rental -$125 for coast of food and camp for each biker -$700 for van rental -$350 for income earned for each biker QUESTION: What would the cost per... more


I need help with my <b>math</b> question

The average discharge at the mouth of the Amazon River is 4,300,000 cubic feet per second. How much water is discharged from the Amazon River in one hour? in one year?

<b>Maths</b> question class 10(coordinates geometry)

The three vertices of a parallelogram ABCD taken in order are A(-3-4) B(-1, -3) and C(-6, 2). Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex D using distance formula

This is a recipe to make 20 biscuits? (<b>maths</b> question)

a recipe to make 20 biscuits; 12oz flour 6oz butter 4oz sugar 1oz cocoa Question 1- how many grams of butter do you need? *use 100g=4ozQuestion 2- how many ounces of sugar would you need to make... more


Some questions I really don't understand. Please help on as many as you can. Thank you.   1) Write an expression using exponents, and find the total area of a pair of squares given their side... more

GRE General Test <b>Math</b> Practice Questions?

I am participating in the General Test next month. Can anyone please tell me of good source where I can get a lot of practice questions? Better if free! If anyone else is preparing as well, what... more

I need help on this <b>math</b> problem dude

A square and a rectangle have the same parameters. The length of a side of the square is 4x-1. The length of the rectangle is 2x+1 and the width is x+2. Write and solve an equation to find X.

I need your HELP!!!!- Applied <b>math</b>

Applied math- Inequality A street vendor sells hot dogs and buffalo burgers. A hot dog costs the vendor $0.80 and the buffalo burger costs the vendor $1.25. The hot dog occupies 240 cm3 in space... more

can you help me with my <b>math</b>?

determine value of k when g(x)= 4x+k does not intersect the parabola f(x)=-3x2-x+4

Need help with this <b>math</b> word problem and formula

3/4 of the students at school take the bus. of those, 5/8 live more than 5 miles away from school. what fraction of students take the bus AND live more than 5 miles from school?

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