help with <b>math</b> problem see description for more detailed

Solve and Show work   Erich has a set of building blocks. There are 240 blocks in the set. Conrad asked Erich if he could play with half of the blocks. How many blocks should Erich give to Conrad?

<b>math</b> question I cant do please help

Together, teammates Pedro and Ricky got 2671 base hits last season. Pedro had 281 more hits than Ricky. How many hits did each player have?

can I get help on a specific <b>math</b> problem?

At a school pep rally the ratio of students who wore red to yellow is 7 to 3.  There are 300 students at the pep rally and each student wore either red or yellow.  How many students wore yellow

<b>Math</b> problem please help it’s due tonight

Suppose that you invest $14800.0014800.00between two accounts. The first account is safer and yields 5.4% interest. The second account is riskier, but yields an interest rate of 9.7%. Letting xx... more

Could someone please help me with this <b>math</b> question?

The table shows ordered pairs for a polynomial function, f. What is the degree of f?      Here's the picture of the table:


Please if you can help me with my <b>math</b>

Which relationship between x and y in the equation shows a proportional relationship?y=1/2xy=x/2+3y=2x+6y=12x

<b>Math</b> word problem quick i need answer

Find such a number that one fourth of 2 less than it is 10

<b>Math</b> Question Joeal reads a book at an average rate

joel reads a book at an average rate of 35 pages per hour how long will it take him to read 245 pages with work


How do I make 36 using <b>math</b>?

how do I make 36 with 3 numbers and 2 operations?  how do I make 36 with 4 numbers and 3 operations?    in these expresions I can only use each number once. 


Please explain the <b>math</b> equation required to get the answer.



i need help solving a <b>math</b> word problem

In a certain year,25% of adults in a certain country viewed a college education as essential for success. For the following ten-year period, this percentage increased by approximately 3.3 each... more

hard <b>math</b> problem need help please it&#x27;s serious

A car and a boss set out at 4 PM from the same point headed in the same direction the average speed of the car is 25 mph slower than twice the speed of the boss in two hours the cars 32 miles ahead... more


How do i figure out this <b>math</b> problem

Maria has $8.00 and exactly 30% of that money is from 5 cent coins. How many 5 cent coins does maria have? 


Algebra 1 help please! I suck at <b>math</b> :(

Grace deposits $1000 in a mutual fund earning 9.25% annual interest, compounded monthly. 1. Write an exponential function that models this situation where y is the amount of Grace's investment and... more

i need help figuring out this <b>math</b> problem

  Perform the following additions and/or subtractions: (2b^2−5b+4) +(3b^2−5b+1)    


<b>math</b> I neeed this answered by in 7hrs HELPP!!! ????

Oceanside bike rental shop charges 14 dollars plus 6 dollars an hour for renting a bike.Joan paid fiftey six dollars to rent a bike. how many hrs did she pay to have the bike checked out?

i need help with <b>math</b> please help me!

Multiply the following by applying the distributive property.3x2y(5x3y-2x2y2+3y3)

i need help with <b>math</b> please help me!

Multiply the following binomials.   (a+5/6)(a+1/6)

could i have urgent <b>math</b> help please

Solve the following equation.(x-8)(x+7)=-2x   x = _____

i need help with <b>math</b> much help appreciated

Factor the polynomial completely. 3x2+32xy−176y2

i need help with <b>math</b> please help me!


<b>Math</b> question that involves setting up a system of equations

Julio has found that his new car gets 36 miles per gallon on the highwayand 31 miles per gallon in the city. He recently drove 397 miles on 12gallons of gasoline. How many miles did he drive on the... more

could someone please help me understand <b>math</b>?

Solve the following equation.3,000=(1,100-100x)x   x= ________, ________


business <b>math</b> inventory using gross profit method

over the past three years, the gross profit rate for jini company was 35%. last week a fire destroyed all of jini's inventory. using the gross profit method, estimate the cost of inventory... more


i need the anwser to my <b>math</b> problem please

Star A is 4.22 light years from earth Star Bis 0.17 light years farther from earth than Star A Star C is 6.05 more light years from earth than Star B. How many light years away is Star C?

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