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An aircraft starts to fly from A t B a distance of 140km, B being due north of A. The aircraft flies on course 018 Degrees for a distance of 80km. Calculate how far the aircraft is then from the line...

If ​$8800 is invested at 3​% annual simple​ interest, how much should be invested at 6​% annual simple interest so that the total yearly income from both investments is ​$564?

If S is the circumcentre of the triangle ABC and if forces act along SA,SB,SC respectively proportional to BC,CA,AB. Show that their resultant passes through the incentre of the triangle.

In a triangle ABC, forces represented by AB, tanB and AC.tanC act along the sides AB and AC respectively. Show that the resultant is BC.tanB and tanC acts in the direction of the perpendicular from...

Three cars left Town A for Town B. Car B began its journey 45 minutes after Car A. Car C began its journey 15 minutes after Car B. Car C caught up with Car A 25 minutes later. It then caught up with...

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