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1. write sentences that show the number 45 used in each of the following steps a. as a cardinal number b. as a ordinal number c. as an identification number   4. which...

A skydiver jumps out of an airplane. After 0.8 second, she has fallen 100 feet. After 3.1 seconds, she has fallen 500 feet. Emtiaz says that the skydiver should fall about 187.5 feet in 1.5 seconds...

suppose that when Sylvester McMoney McBean showed up each Sneetch had $100. the plain belly Sneetches spent $3 to get a star , then $10 to remove the star , the $3 to get a star , and so...

-Why does Judy Brady use so much first person? - To what extent does Brady say what she actually wants? - How does Brady’s essay, addressing men and women, translate to today’s world?

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