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Jim Roznowski wants to invest some money to buy a new tractor in the future. If he wants to have $275000 available in 4 years, how much does he need to invest now in a CD paying 4.75% interest compounded...

Alvin paddled for 22 hours with a 88-km/h current to reach a campsite. The return trip against the same current took 10 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water.

A train leaves a station and travels north at a speed of 45 mph. FourFour hours later, a second train leaves on a parallel track and travels north at 105 mph. How far from the station will they meet...

a scientist used a sensor to track the movement of a mouse. it moved in a straight path from the point (-2,3) to the point (8,6). state the new coordinates of any point (x,y) under this translation...

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